Willamette Weekly Celebrates Annual Potlander Issue

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With marijuana being a bigger topic than ever before in Oregon, our friends over at Willamette Weekly, who previously reviewed our dispensary, have published their latest installment of The Potlander. This annual issue discussing the latest trends and topics regarding cannabis offers a number of interesting articles about marijuana in the state of Oregon. Read ahead to learn about some of our favorite stories and information from this year’s edition of The Potlander.

Talking to parents about cannabis

One of our favorite pieces in this year’s Potlander issue discussed the process of talking to parents about marijuana. Offering helpful guidance for children answering their parent’s questions about cannabis, this guide provides answers for questions ranging from explaining vaping and dabs to offering assistance on proper doses for beginners.

Proper dispensary etiquette

Since so many people haven’t used dispensaries for purchasing cannabis, this helpful do’s and don’ts guide to dispensary etiquette can be a lifesaver for those with little experience dealing with budtenders. Providing assistance for people concerned about cash-only policies, closing times and more, you should be ready to walk into any dispensary in Oregon and feel comfortable ordering and speaking with budtenders.

History of marijuana in Oregon

Another interesting feature in this year’s Potlander features a cartoon-illustrated history of Oregon’s relationship with cannabis over the past century. Including excerpts that highlight everything from the state’s initial push to legalize medical marijuana to Damon Stoudamire’s attempt to carry cannabis onto an aircraft, this lighthearted history lesson helps to shine a light on Oregon’s mindset regarding marijuana over the past 100 years.

Read more about the many unique marijuana related stories in The Potlander and discover more about the world of cannabis in Oregon. For more information about cannabis retailers in Portland, contact Shango today at (503) 788-7005. We look forward to helping you find the perfect marijuana experience for your needs.

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