Recreational & Medical Marijuana Products

Shango’s cannabis dispensaries set the standards for appearance, customer convenience and customer service for the entire cannabis industry, as well as for many retailers in other industries.

Our stores sell the full range of Shango Premium cannabis products and our ultra-high quality Private Reserve line. They also carry a large selection of marijauna products and accessories from other select vendors, as well as a collection of Shango branded merchandise and paraphernalia.

The Shango Brand DNA contains the highest-quality characteristics of marijuana-based products that inspires the Shango brand. In the spirit of traditional cannabis culture, some of Shango’s flower names reflect each strain’s horticultural heritage in order to provide experienced consumers with a known frame of reference for each strain’s general characteristics and effects.

For those who buy marijuana products for the first time, Shango’s labeling and knowledgeable budtenders make selecting the right product easy and fun.