Liquid Cannabis

Cannabis lovers are never satisfied – they always want more. That’s why marijuana comes in so many different shapes, types, sizes, and potency levels. Recently, smoking buds has been replaced with smoking potent concentrates that either have a waxy or a liquid form.

In this article, we will discuss cannabis liquids, how they’re made, how to smoke them, and where to find them.

What Is Liquid Cannabis?

Liquid cannabis is a very potent form of marijuana with insanely high THC levels. This type of liquid is extracted from marijuana buds. Then, it goes through multiple processed to reach a liquid form. Cannabis liquids are smoked through vape pens, vape boxes, or any other vaping tool. These liquids can contain up to 90% THC, which can get you insanely high.

How Is Liquid Cannabis Made?

Regardless of whether you make cannabis liquids at home or in labs, then key components remain the same. While we won’t discuss and home DIY liquid-making methods because they are dangerous, we will share a basic overview of how it’s done.

To extract THC, the buds have to go through a cooking process. The cooking process is important because that is how you extract cannabinoids from the plant. Then, you need to use some sort of alcohol to bind them. Alcohol absorbs cannabinoids, eventually ends up looking like that brown-yellowish liquid we all know and love.

How Do You Store Liquid THC?

You should put all your THC liquids in a dropper bottle if they don’t have one already. While a dropper bottle isn’t mandatory, it’s the easiest way to extract drops and put them to use. Make sure that the bottle is dark. Also, don’t expose the bottle to sunlight, your product will go bad sooner.

Does Liquid Cannabis Get You High?

Yes, liquid cannabis gets you high – extremely high, to be more precise. Regular marijuana buds contain up to 30% THC, while liquid cannabis contains up to 90% of THC. So, the effects are much, much stronger compared to traditional joint smoking.

A lot of people have made the mistake of consuming large liquid amounts in a shorter amount of time. In numerous cases, this has resulted in strong hallucinations and hospital visits. While you can’t really overdose on THC, you can suffer through some terrible experiences. So, when consuming liquids, proceed with caution. This goes for heavy smokers too.

How Do You Use Cannabis Liquid?

There are two main ways of liquid cannabis consumption – orally and through vapes. Oral consumption is easier and healthier compared to vaping. For vaping, you need to purchase cartridges, place them inside your vape pen, and smoke them. For oral consumption, we recommend taking 2-3 drops and placing them under your tongue.

Where to Buy Liquid Cannabis?

At Shango, we offer a wide variety of marijuana products, strains, and concentrates. You can choose between buds, wax, liquids, edibles, shatter – you name it, we have it. We also offer curb pickups, local deliveries, and online orders. Find a Shango store near your location and pay us a visit.