Looking to work in the Cannabis Industry?

Shango Careers

Employees at Shango are career-oriented. They have camaraderie, a patient-first mentality and they are health conscious. We have the infrastructure required to define and lead the cannabis industry. We have the most trusted products and customer service that satisfies the needs of American consumers. Shango earns trust and loyalty with consistency and quality. There are hundreds of companies vying for leadership in the cannabis marketplace but they don’t have the employee base. What clearly and decisively distinguishes Shango from all others is our employees have passion for excellence and innovation. They drive us to:

  • Create superb quality products that consistently deliver a cannabis experience that is second to none.
  • Create a customer experience unmatched not only in the cannabis industry, but also in the retail industry.
  • Implement effective business policies and ethical business practices that exceed the requirements and expectations of government and regulators.
  • Be a leading proponent of cannabis education, cannabis safety (especially protecting the safety of children) and responsible cannabis use.

Passion drives Shango to be the cannabis company that “does it right,” that invites and withstands comparison. Our employees maintain the premium brand that sets the standards by which all other cannabis companies are judged.





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