Shango’s award-winning marijuana flower is known for its gorgeous colors, stunning crystals and complex flavors and aromas. These top-shelf wonders of nature are the direct result of our superior plant genetics, proprietary cultivation processes and total dedication to quality.

All Shango brand cannabis grown for flower, concentrates and edibles is cultivated in state-of-the-art, indoor hydroponic facilities that maintain the optimal environmental and nutritional conditions required to produce the maximum amount of premium quality marijuana from each plant.

Cannabis cultivation is at the heart of the Shango brand. And growing superior cannabis requires superior knowledge, experience and techniques. Shango growers draw on more than 25 years of unsurpassed expertise. Our proprietary, streamlined cultivation process sets the standard for quality, consistency, high yields and cost efficiency for the cannabis industry.

Shango grow facilities have a standardized, modular design that enables rapid expansion in new and existing recreational and medical cannabis markets. Shango will have more than 150,000 square feet of premium quality cannabis under cultivation in Oregon, Washington, Nevada and California.

Shango only uses organic and bio-mineral plant foods. We do not use growth hormone regulators, pesticides or other toxic chemicals. Shango spent more than $1 million to develop the best, most potent cross breeds of marijuana flower. These terpene-rich strains maximize THC strength through cross breeding of the world’s most prominent strains.

Shango flower is never sold in open jars that allow customers to smell or select individual cannabis flowers. Our safety-sealed packaging preserves the quality, integrity and freshness of the flower, as well as the cannabis terpenes that give each strain its signature taste and aroma. Our marijuana flower delivers the distinctive, satisfying experience our customers expect and value beyond their price.




Are all strains of cannabis found at all Shango locations?
The most popular strains for cannabis flowers in the USA are Sativa and Indica. From these 2 strains, many hybrids have been created for varied effects using different blends of these, many of which are featured in the Shango catalogue. The selection of marijuana flowers on offer in each Shango flower dispensary does vary slightly to feature products which are more popular in certain areas, or which are locally grown. Though our offerings may vary from state to state you can be sure that every item you purchase from Shango will be top quality dispensary grade.
How do I choose the right strain for me?
It all depends on what sort of high you are trying to achieve. Do you want to be more chilled out, or trying to sleep easier? Then the Indica strain is going to be the one for you. It provides a mellow high which is great for relaxation and general well-being. If you want to feel more productive and energetic then the Sativa strain will be a much better choice as it can help you unlock the more cerebral and creative part of you. When you visit a Shango flower dispensary, our friendly team will be more than willing to assist you in choosing the right strain of marijuana flower for you.
Does the potency of CBD vary between flower strains?
There is a difference in potency with each strain, both in flavor and in the levels of THC compared to CBD. Cannabis Ruderalis is comparatively low in THC compared to other strains but is also an easier marijuana flower to grow and a much hardier plant. Sativa and Indica strains both produce quite potent cannabis flowers in their own way, which can have different effects on different people. Hybrid flowers are the ones which can vary in potency the most, as they are a combination of marijuana strains. The amount of THC in a dispensary grade hybrid can range from 13% up to 72%.
Do flavors differ between flower strains?
Flavors can differ between marijuana flowers depending on the conditions they are grown in and how they are processed, but each cannabis strain typically has its own unique flavor as well. Cannabis Ruderalis is known to be a juicy and sweet marijuana flower, when smoked or vaped, while Indica is known to have more of an earthy flavor and Sativa can be spicy or sweet.