The fastest-growing product category in the cannabis market today — vape cartridges made with cannabis oil. These highly potent products are used with various stationary, portable and disposable vaporizing devices. Shango’s concentrated marijuana cartridge, oils and distillates, made from a wide variety of strains and subsequent mixtures, deliver a highly discreet and rewarding marijuana vaping experience customers can enjoy virtually anywhere and anytime.

Our disposable cannabis vape cartridges have received rave reviews from customers and the media, many hailing them as the best in the industry. Shango is committed to developing and expanding its cannabis cartridge product line to meet the ever-increasing consumer demand.




How long does a cannabis cartridge last for?

An 0.018oz vape cartridge will typically offer around 150 seconds of inhalation time — so the amount of time your cannabis cartridge will last depends largely on how much you use it and how long each draw is. More seasoned vapers of cannabis or those vaping for medical reasons, including pain reduction, may prefer a constant flow of inhalation, while those who are new to vaping or only vaping recreationally may choose to vape a smaller amount.

How do l replace the cartridge for my Indica Vape?

Replacing your Indica Vape cannabis cartridge is simple for most styles of vapes. If you have chosen to purchase a disposable vape pen, then refilling is not always the easiest option. In this case, you are better off buying a new disposable vape or investing some additional funds into a refillable vape. To replace your Indica Vape cartridge, all you need to do is visit your local Shango store or order online in applicable states to get yourself a new cartridge, and away you go!

Can l refill the cartridge with CBD oil instead of a new cartridge?

Refilling your cannabis cartridge with CBD oil is certainly possible, though it can be a tricky process. If you are having trouble refilling your cartridge, you are welcome to pop into your local Shango outlet to get some assistance from our friendly team of experts in-store. We also offer a range of accessories that can assist you in filling your cartridge with oils if this is your preference.

How much CBD oil is in each cartridge?

Each 0.5mg cartridge contains approximately 100mg of CBD oil. On average, each vape cartridge you consume gives you approximately 100 puffs. To break down the amount of CBD you are inhaling, you need to divide your puffs by the mg in the cartridge, which is 0.5mg for one of our standard CBD cartridges. This means that each puff from a vape would be giving you approximately 1mg of CBD per puff.