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Shango’s Portland dispensary is a state-licensed provider of both medical and recreational marijuana and associated products under the Portland Cannabis Program. As our first-ever Shango location to open in 2014, our Portland dispensary holds a big place in the heart of our company. It is where our business first flourished in the medical marijuana industry and has remained a staple for the locals in the area, both medically and recreationally, ever since.

From a single location to a nationwide operation

Though our Oregon dispensaries are a part of our humble beginnings, we have proudly taken Shango to a national level in recent years. Today, Shango is known for providing some of the highest quality medical and recreational marijuana products in the country and we are proud to be operating one of the best Portland dispensaries. We stock the widest variety of cannabis products in our Portland dispensary, which contains everything from flowers to distillates to a range of tasty edible products. If you are shopping around to find the best dispensaries in Portland, we urge you to visit our store. You will not find a better customer experience with a wider range of products in the entire city.


The Shango promise

As the recreational marijuana scene has grown and changed in Portland since legalization in 2015, we have worked to keep up with increasing demands while ensuring that our products remain of the utmost quality. At Shango, we take great pride in the superior quality of every product available in our Portland dispensary, and with the excellent service offered by our team, we can promise you nothing but the best customer experience when you choose to visit our Harold Street provisioning center.

Experience the difference of Shango dispensaries in Portland

We have always felt privileged to be leaders in the marijuana industry and we strive to ensure that we remain at the head of the game when it comes to supplying the best quality cannabis products in the market. We offer a handy online ordering service from our Portland dispensary, so you can browse our collection at your convenience and have your chosen items delivered to your door.  As the years have gone by, our team has become more committed than ever to providing the best experiences for our customers backed by the highest quality marijuana products available in any of the dispensaries in Portland. Stop by to taste, smell and experience Shango for yourself.

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