Shango loves to partner with high-quality, high-purpose organizations, such as Veterans Village Las Vegas, that share our values and our belief in The Power of the Plant to promote health, healing and happiness.

Together, we focus attention on worthwhile causes and important issues. We combine our talents, resources and efforts to create meaningful results. We strive to make a positive difference in one life or many lives in our local communities, across the country and around the world.

Shango also loves to have fun. We sponsor organizations and individuals who capture the spirit of adventure and excitement that defines the Shango brand, as well as the dynamic lifestyles of our customers. That’s why Shango became the primary sponsor of Danny George Racing for the team’s 2017 Formula Drift campaign. That’s why we also sponsor programs and events that celebrate and support the Arts, entertainment, sports and the vibrant communities we call home.

We believe sponsorships and partnerships are far more than useful ways to promote awareness of the Shango brand. They are prime opportunities to reinforce thoughts and words with productive deeds that help serve worthy causes like Veterans Village and solve real problems like homeless American veterans. They help educate people about our products and the life-changing medical benefits they can provide.

They are opportunities to reach out and introduce ourselves to those who may not share our enthusiasm for cannabis, who misunderstand it or even fear it. They help demonstrate that we are ethical businesspeople, responsible parents, hard workers and good neighbors who enjoy life and care about the community, the country and the world we live in. Just like them.

Our sponsorships and partnerships are prime opportunities to work together, play together and bring us all closer together.