Marijuana Concentrates

The demand for more discreet, convenient and potent cannabis products for medicinal and recreational marijuana is increasing rapidly. Shango has responded by creating a full range of combustible extract products, including shatter, wax, honeycomb, batter, budder, crumble, oil and ultra-pure, high-potency distillates.

All Shango marijuana concentrates are carefully refined from premium quality cannabis. Some extract processes retain the terpenes that give each cannabis strain its distinct flavor and aroma. Others, especially our liquid extracts, are pure and unflavored. These become key, active ingredients in Shango’s ever-growing range of cannabis-infused edible products.

Our extracts are refined either in our own custom-designed production and processing facilities or by select, Shango-approved manufacturing partners. This commitment to superior refining adds incremental cost to our extract products but ensures superior results that are valued and preferred by cannabis customers.

Our cannabis concentrates offer customers a more discreet and convenient way to enjoy cannabis. All of our extracts are made only from premium quality flower and they are specially processed to remove impurities and enhance their most desirable properties. They also deliver much higher amounts of THC and other cannabinoids with each use.

Shango’s cannabinoid-rich extracts are ideal for customers who require medical marijuana to treat specific conditions. They are also effective for anyone seeking to improve their general health and wellness. Our high-THC and high-CBD extracts offer powerful benefits and effects for medical and recreational cannabis customers alike.

From shatters, waxes, batters, honeycombs and budders to oils and distillates, there is a Shango cannabis concentrate to enhance any mood, any moment and any treatment.

Proprietary naming conventions extend to Shango’s strain-specific extract products, such as distillates, shatters, waxes, budders, etc. Shango’s non-strain specific distillates are named for their individual flavors or terpene profile characteristics.

Shango’s ultra-pure, ultra-potent THC-A isolate powder, Shango Ultra, is being developed to become a leading cannabis brand in Oregon and a major Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brand.