Cannabis Ruderalis

Most of you have probably heard about Sativa and Indica – the two main types of marijuana. However, did you know that there’s a third type called Cannabis Ruderalis? This marijuana sub-strain is very durable and can survive in the most extreme of weather conditions.

Moreover, its auto-flowering properties have found its way into the grower’s market. In this article, we will discuss the origins of marijuana Ruderalis, it’s properties, and see whether it has some psychoactive effects.

What Is Cannabis Ruderalis?

Cannabis Ruderalis can be found in Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Russia. The term ruderalis was derived from a phrase that describes plants that are able to survive in extreme environments. Some experts say that Cannabis Ruderalis originated from Indica that was able to adjust and grow in difficult settings.

Ruderalis buds grow in 90-110 days from seeding, making it one of the fastest-growing marijuana types. However, recent applications of Ruderalis include creating hybrids for indoor grows. What makes this type particularly good for indoor growing is the fact that the plant is small in size – only 1 to 2.5 feet tall.

What Sets Ruderalis Apart?

As we have briefly mentioned before, Cannabis Ruderalis is very short, more than three times shorter than normal cannabis types. Its stems are very thick and strong. Moreover, unlike most other marijuana types, Ruderalis goes into the flowering phase automatically. The vegetation phase can last anywhere from 21-30 days, and the flowering phase is complete after 90-110 days.

Indica and Sativa have to go through a photoperiod phase before they start flowering. Newer Ruderalis hybrid seeds will go into the flowering mode automatically and are totally unaffected by light cycles. That is exactly why they’re often referred to as automatic or auto-flowering plants.

Does Cannabis Ruderalis Get You High?

The downside or natural Ruderalis is the fact that it’s quite low in THC, especially compared to Indica and Sativa breeds. However, experts have been crossing Ruderalis with other marijuana types to create automatic flowers with much higher THC concentrations. So, yes, Ruderalis can get you high – especially modern hybrids.

This is a very good marijuana type for novice growers because it’s hard to mess up and can yield large quantities of Ruderalis buds. The seeds are also quite affordable. The buds are thick and sticky, and they usually look great. Nowadays, you can find the most popular strains in auto-flowering form too! When it comes to flavor, it was reported to be very juicy and sweet.

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