Cannabis Shatter

For those who are looking for cannabis shatter in Oregon and Nevada, Shango represents the perfect choice. We stock a range of different strains and products designed to help our customers get the perfect high, as well as offering the right kind of guidance and assistance to all who need it.

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For Oregon residents, we also offer an order online service for Cannabis shatter products. You will be able to browse our products right here online, and order from the Harold Street location in Oregon. Incredible highs, at your convenience – this is what we offer to our customers.

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All About Cannabis Shatter from Shango

So what is shatter exactly, and why should you consider this option in your search for a great, reliable high? Shatter is a cannabis concentrate, produced using a solution which extracts all the right chemicals and stimulants from the cannabis plant. The result is a resin which is designed to provide the right kind of high.

Shatter resembles a honey-like substance after it has been processed, and is viscous and thick like honey when it is warm, with a similar texture and coloration. At cooler temperatures, the resin becomes more brittle and glass-like, while retaining the same pigment. When cooled, the resin will break into small pieces if it is dropped or if it is tapped with a hard object, hence the name ‘shatter’.

Many customers come to us with the same question – how to smoke shatter? The best way to smoke shatter involves using a water pipe, heating the shatter, and then using a dab tool to apply the heated shatter to the water pipe. You may also decide to smoke shatter with a vaporizer, simply using the dab tool to add the viscous shatter liquid to the bowl.

Our Commitment to Our Customers

When you select cannabis shatter products from the Shango range, you can be assured that you are connecting with resins and highs of the finest quality. We work only with growers and producers who take the utmost care and consideration when cultivating, harvesting, processing, and transporting cannabis resins and plants, so you know you are getting the best.

We also work to provide high-level information and guidance to all of our customers. Get in touch with our team today to learn more.