Marijuana Provisioning Centers (Dispensaries) Michigan

In 2008, Michigan legalized medical marijuana, finally allowing millions of their citizens to get the all-natural and highly effective relief that they deserve. We believe we’ve reached yet another milestone in 2019, with a selection of cannabis products head-and-shoulders above what many in the area have experienced in terms of quality, effectiveness and service. Shango Lapeer will be a hub for the highest quality marijuana products, and it will serve as a friendly premium provisioning center, working to educate the community in Lapeer and throughout Lapeer County. We invite you to come browse our amazing selection and experience the Shango difference for yourself. 


At Shango, we operate in accordance with state law and the guidelines provided by the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency. Shango started their first Michigan dispensary in 2019 in Lapeer, which has grown to become a favorite amongst customers for the quality and the variety in the products we have available. Today, Shango offers 3 Michigan provisioning centers to choose from, including Lapeer, Bay City and Hazel Park.

Shop in-store at our Michigan marijuana dispensaries

Each of our Shango dispensaries carries a wide range of Shango products, from cannabis flowers to edibles, through to a variety of concentrates and other marijuana-based products. At Shango, we pride ourselves on stocking only the best quality products for both medicinal and recreational use. Our 3 Michigan dispensary locations each offer their own selection of special deals, which you can browse online prior to visiting in-store.

A selection of Sativa, Indica and hybrid strains

When you shop at one of Shango’s Michigan marijuana dispensaries, our team will be ready to assist in choosing the best products for you. Each strain of cannabis offers its own unique features which can be utilized for different purposes. At our Michigan provisioning centers, we feature products that stem from the Sativa and Indica strains of cannabis as well as a variety of hybrid cannabis flowers. Check out our special deals in Bay City and Hazel Park to find the product that is right for you.

Choose from our selection of distillates

At Shango, we are proud to use the height of modern technology to produce a wonderful selection of distillate products. We closely follow scientific research on both THC and CBD distillates to keep our knowledge as up to date as possible on the medical benefits of these products. When you visit our Michigan provisioning centers, we want to be able to provide you with advice that is based on scientific research. As the leading Michigan dispensary chain, the Shango team aims to be your dedicated experts on all things cannabis.

Visit one of Shango’s Michigan dispensary locations today

Visit one of our Michigan marijuana dispensaries today to enjoy our vast product selection. When you buy your marijuana products from Shango, be it for medicinal or recreational use, you know that you are buying from a retailer you can trust.





Lapeer – Genesee St

Bay City – Wilder Rd

Hazel Park – S Chrysler Dr

Lapeer – Genesee St

Bay City – Wilder Rd

Hazel Park – S Chrysler Dr