Both marijuana and meditation involve relaxing your body to a point of bliss and insightfulness. Combined, these two aspects can help you to achieve a meditative state that is shown to reduce blood pressure, anxiety, and stress. Using marijuana combined with meditation techniques is a practice that has existed for centuries and in today’s modern world, we are only just rediscovering the benefits of a heightened sense of relaxation in the body in relation to the associated health benefits.   

How to use marijuana and meditation together 

In a world that is full of noise and distraction, there is an art to achieving a meditative state. Combining the right dosage of marijuana and meditation techniques can result in achieving a heightened sense of calm and deepened connection with your mind and body. Many people believe that microdosing marijuana prior to meditating enables you to remain in perfect control of your mind and body while opening up that little bit further to really feel the effects of a sound meditative state. For those who have not yet tried marijuana and meditation as a combination, micro-dosing is the recommended way to start this practice to ensure you achieve the right kind of high, to truly enjoy the experience.

Choosing the right strain to suit your meditative state 

When discovering how to use marijuana and meditation together, your success depends greatly on the marijuana strain you choose to use. When combining marijuana and meditation for health benefits, it is important to focus on the high you want to achieve in relation to the hopes you have for your meditative state. The health benefits of meditation relate almost directly to the level of calm you manage to achieve during the practice and choosing the marijuana strain that works for you is an important part of the healing process. Our comprehensive marijuana guide will help you to decide which strain will be right for you. 

Combining the healing effects of marijuana and meditation

Looking at marijuana and meditation independently, each has its own list of health-related achievements. Marijuana has proven to be effective in reducing pain and inflammation, minimizing stress and anxiety, and easing chronic conditions such as asthma and insomnia; while meditation is also used in the reduction of stress and anxiety, as well as promoting emotional health, enhancing self-awareness and lengthening attention span and memory. Together marijuana and meditation have the potential for non-invasive health benefits that are unrivalled by any other combination. 

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