With cannabis becoming legalized in more places each day, the breeding process has been perfected. Producers have the freedom to test out different practices and improve their products. One of the results of this is the fact that there are more cannabis strains available than ever. 

Different marijuana strains have different properties – their effects aren’t the same, nor are their taste and, ultimately, price. This short marijuana strains guide will tell you everything you need to know about cannabis strains. 

What are Marijuana Strains? 

As soon as you get into the world of cannabis, you quickly realize that there are many differences. The marijuana strains list is a long one. First of all, there are three main categories of cannabis, including: 

  1. Indica – generally has a relaxing effect; 
  2. Sativa – has an energizing effect; 
  3. Hybrid – the combination of Indica and Sativa; 

However, even these three have these characteristics in general – there’s much more to it. Specific cannabis types have a far better consistency and effects that you can predict. That’s why it’s better to look at the strains and their names instead of these general categories. 

How Cannabis Strains Are Different 

One of the most important things to mention in our cannabis guide is what affects the development and evolution of cannabis strains. There are many things involved in the process, and that’s why the strains are so different: 

  • The hybridization process 
  • When the plant is harvested 
  • How far the light source is from the plant 
  • The light angle 
  • How much light is used during the growing process 
  • The type of soil used 
  • Temperature and climate 

Growers are always testing out different variables to produce some of the best strains in the US. Depending on the goal, they can use different approaches to emphasize certain aspects of the plant. However, there are already lots of popular strains that aren’t being modified in any way. 

Types of Marijuana Strains 

Naturally, the marijuana strains list is very long. However, here are some of the most popular strains that we sell on Goshango.com: 

1. Kush 

There are different Kush strain types, including the Afghan Kush, Bubba Kush, and Purple Kush. All of these strains are unique in their own ways. However, they all make users relaxed, sleepy, and relaxed. They are often used for sleep issues, muscle spasms, and pain relief. 

2. Blue Dream 

This is also a soothing strain, but it doesn’t have a strong sedative effect. It can give the user a nice feeling of euphoria and relaxation. 

3. Golden Goat 

This strain helps users be creative and feel euphoric. It gives clarity and puts the user in a positive state of mind. 

4. Sour Diesel 

This is one of the most uplifting cannabis strains. It gives a lot of energy and makes users feel great. It’s often used for depression. 

Check Out Cannabis Strains at Goshango.com 

These are just some of the strains we offer at our store. Feel free to browse all of the marijuana types and read detailed information about them and their effects.