The study of using cannabis for creativity and its psychological effects has spanned over 50 years with the earliest research being published in the 1960s. There is no dispute that a vast number of people who smoke or ingest marijuana have claimed that it inspires creativity in some way. Even Steve Jobs once famously quoted that for him, smoking marijuana and hashish resulted in an effect of feeling “relaxed and creative”. So, what is it about marijuana that enhances your imagination, and what are the most common cannabis strains for creativity?

Qualities of cannabis in improving neurological function

When we are looking at the best marijuana for creativity, it is important to first understand what it is about using cannabis that helps the mind to reach out and explore new concepts. Research conducted into the pharmacology of marijuana has proven that both THC and CBD compounds are successful in reducing neurodegeneration or keeping the brain from losing function over time. A healthy brain is more likely to carry out imaginative ways of thinking and to draw on creative ideas than an unhealthy one. The positive brain health benefits of marijuana are a direct contributor to how one can use cannabis for creativity.

In research conducted into the most common uses for marijuana, a large sector of people reported the benefits of cannabis in relation to the reduction of stress and anxiety. It is this balancing effect that is created, which leads to a mind that is not consumed by everyday inhibitions and negativity and is then free to think and act creatively.

Should I use sativa or indica for creativity?

The most used cannabis strains for creativity are undoubtedly sativa and hybrid strains, as noted by marijuana experts around the world. When you are considering the choice between sativa or indica for creativity, you need to take into account the effects of each strain and how that relates to creative behavior in most people.

There is a great difference between strains of cannabis and their effects during a high. Indica is known to produce a more body-stoned kind of high and though this promotes active relaxation, it is not ideal when it comes to the energetic brain activity required for creative purposes. In contrast to this, the best sativa for creativity works to heighten your perceptions which encourages the mind, to allow a freer form of thinking.

The best sativa for creativity

There are quite a few cannabis strains for creativity in the marketplace these days, however, we feel that these particular sativa-heavy hybrid strains are the top choices for the height of imagination in creatives of all shapes and sizes:

  • Sour Diesel — Popular among imaginative celebrities, Sour Diesel is a potent strain that is known for the dreamy effects that can help with mental stimulation. This is great for releasing writer’s block or beginning the flow of creative ideas.
  • Jack Herer — Known for its mellow high and keeping your mind flexible and in an almost meditative state, Jack Herer can help to stimulate you for creative thoughts and exploring the outer reaches of your new ideas.
  • Chemdawg — As one of the stronger hybrid strains, Chemdawg can produce an uplifting and almost euphoric high, which is ideal for brainstorming and the development of new ideas. This is the strain for creative thinkers looking for a mental experience with a heavy-body effect.
  • Amnesia Haze — This is a hybrid that is heavy on sativa, which encourages mental alertness and energy, while also providing slight relaxation in the muscles. Amnesia Haze is great for those who create both mentally and physically such as painters or sculptors.

Though these are only a few of the strains which are available for a creative experience, we believe that they represent some of the most diverse requirements in those looking to use cannabis for creativity. As with all marijuana products, finding what works best for you is a personal journey of trial and error, but when you find the one for you, there will be no turning back.

What marijuana products can I buy to increase my creativity?

At Shango, we offer hybrid strains containing the best sativa for creativity. For those who are wanting the more mellow effects, without the THC-induced high, our range of CBD oils contains the perfect products to enhance your creativity gently. If you’d like to stick to traditional methods of encouraging new ideas and imagination, our sativa cannabis options come in a wide range of varieties for you to choose from.

If you are unsure of which strain would be most suitable for the kind of effects that you are seeking, you can always contact us to discuss your options. Shango is here to support creative minds in dreaming up an entire new world of possibilities. Visit our online store to find the right type of marijuana for creativity today.