Ars Gratia Artis – Art For The Sake of Art

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Sorry to go all Latin on you, but we just couldn’t resist. For those of you who aren’t quite fluent in ancient languages, Ars gratis artis means “art for the sake of art.” It means creating something unique, something authentic, something meaningful simply because you can.

Not only is it one of the noblest sentiments ever expressed, it’s also the time-honored motto of MGM Studios. For 91 years, Ars Gratia Artis has appeared on the circular scroll in the company’s logo that precedes almost every MGM movie ever made. And when the famous MGM lion roars, it’s like he’s commanding all viewers and artists to keep this ideal in mind as they watch.
Art for the sake of art is also at the heart of another monumental movie-making venture. The 48 Hour Film Project (48HFP) is a nationwide, independent competition that challenges experienced and aspiring filmmakers to write, shoot, edit and submit a complete motion picture in only two days.

The result is an instant, inspired and incredible outpouring of creative storytelling. And the only rewards for this wild and sleepless weekend of movie-making madness are the joy of the creative experience and the possibility of being recognized for the achievement.

Ars Gratia Artis.

In Shango’s hometown of Portland, Oregon, the 48 Hour Film project begins on Friday July 31st when filmmaking teams literally pick a “genre” out of a hat. This determines the form, style or subject of the movie they will create. Each team is also given one character, one prop and one line of dialogue that must be included in their movie. Everything else depends on the team’s imagination, talent and hard work.


The first phase of the Project ends 48 hours later on August 1st with a desperate dash to complete and drop off the completed films, and a well-deserved celebration.

In the second phase, a panel of judges will begin evaluating the entries. The public will have a chance to view all of the submitted films at the 48HFP Premier Screening on August 6th, 7th & 9th at the Hollywood Theater in Portland. And finally, the judges will present awards to the worthiest efforts at the Best Of Screening, also at the Hollywood, on Wednesday September 2nd.
Shango is proud to be a sponsor of the 48HFP Portland. We share the spirit of independence and adventure it takes to rise to an unknown challenge. We understand and appreciate the effort it takes to create something unique, authentic and meaningful from little more than a great idea and a driving passion to achieve a dream.

Shango is also proud to introduce a new 48HPF award: “The Premium Award” for the film that best captures and communicates the artistic spirit and pride of Portland. And we’ll be honored to present the Premium Award trophy and also display the winner’s film on monitors in all Shango stores throughout October.

We hope you’ll support the 48HFP Portland either by participating or by enjoying the films at the various screenings and celebrations during the competition. It’s about something far more than awards, prizes and parties. It’s about fostering independent artistic growth in our community. It’s about creating art for the sake of art.
Shango wishes all of Portland’s filmmakers every success and every reward.

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