Live Resin

During some extraction processes used to create cannabis concentrates from a live marijuana plant, important terpenes that are responsible for taste and flavor can be lost. Live cannabis resin is the result of a unique extraction process that preserves these all-important terpenes for maximum flavor, potency, and longevity. Live resin can be ingested in many ways including smoking, dabbing, and vaping to experience the height of this expert cannabis extraction method for, arguably, one of the most intense and powerful highs you can achieve. 

What is cannabis resin?

When the question of “what is live resin?” occurs, it is never really a straightforward answer. Live resin, or cannabis resin as it’s sometimes known, can come in many forms including wax, badder, and budder to name a few but the most important fact to remember about any kind of marijuana resin is that it has a high potency, often above 40%, so it is important to take it low and slow.

How much THC is in resin?

Marijuana resin contains much higher quantities of THC than smoking regular cannabis. It is the heightened level of THC’s which are responsible for the extreme highs you can get when you smoke marijuana resin. THC levels can vary depending on which strain of marijuana your THC resin is extracted from and different base plants can produce live resin in different colors and consistencies.

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