By now you have probably heard all about the benefits of marijuana. Maybe you are intrigued by the promise of reduced pain. Perhaps you are interested in the offer of decreased stress and anxiety. Then again, maybe it is the idea of better beauty and a more youthful appearance that has you drawn to cannabis. Whatever the reason, your interest is piqued. Now you want to know just how you can achieve these benefits.

Marijuana can be experienced in a variety of different ways, ranging from edibles to topicals and, of course, the traditional combustion based forms. However, one of the hottest growing trends at the moment is vaporizing. So, you might then ask, “What is cannabis vaping?”

Vaporizing cannabis allows users to consume marijuana with all of the health and psychological benefits, and work by heating the product. Rather than heating the bud or oil to the point of combustion, marijuana vaporizers heat it enough that the important essential oils are released in a boil. This creates a vapor which can then be inhaled.

So why should you vape cannabis? Vaping marijuana has a number of advantages over other methods.  For example, when you smoke marijuana, a high percentage of what you take in is not actually marijuana. Instead, much of what you are inhaling is combustion by-product. Marijuana vaporizers, on the other hand, deliver up to 95% pure vapor. In addition to being a purer experience, this also allows the cannabis to be absorbed more quickly into your system.

In addition to the purity benefits, marijuana vaporizers are also much more convenient than other forms of cannabis. Many models are highly portable and can conveniently be tucked into a purse or a pocket. They make no mess and leave no scent, which allows users to be more discreet. They require no lighters or additional accessories. Simply put the product into the tank, press the button and inhale. Most vape pens come with an easily charged battery and can last for an extended period of time.

There are several models of marijuana vaporizers. The smallest and most portable options are called pen vapes. These convenient vaporizers essentially resemble a large pen and use conduction heating to vaporize the product. Next up are the portable vapes. These models are still highly portable and can easily be tossed into a purse or bag. However, they are slightly larger than the pen versions. Both the pen and portable vapes use rechargeable batteries to keep you on the go. Finally, if you want the fullest range of features, there are desktop and stationary vaporizers which, while not portable, give you more options and, in some cases, can be used by multiple people.

Marijuana vaporizers are reasonably inexpensive. Smaller models can be as cheap as only ten dollars. Higher end vaporizers or larger desktop models can run up to a couple hundred dollars and last quite awhile. While vaping, either bud or liquid forms of cannabis can be used and are easily purchased from any dispensary. Marijuana vaporizers can even be used with scented and flavored oils to provide a variety of experiences.

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