Marijuana Dispensary Portland (Harold St.)

The Shango Harold St. dispensary lies in the heart of the great city of Portland. Our stunning Shango Harold store delivers premium Shango products and unsurpassed Shango customer service no other Portland cannabis retailer can match. Our one-touch registration and soon to be integrated call-ahead ordering will make shopping faster and easier.

Our knowledgeable staff can answer all of your questions and help you choose the Shango products that best meet your needs, including the latest distillate and vaping products. Stop in the heart of Portland and discover why Shango on Harold St. is setting the standard for medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries. Discover how Shango Harold is committed to being your complete and trusted resource for all things cannabis in your neighborhood. See and smell the most enticing recreational cannabis experience in Portland, Oregon and around the nation.

Shango Harold, 8056 SE Harold St., (Located at 82nd and Foster), Portland. For more info call (503) 788-7005 or email

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A small ATM fee is added to your transaction.
Your total gets rounded up to the nearest $5.

❕ ATM withdrawals are always in $5 increments.

Your purchase appears as an ATM charge on your bank statement.


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