Here at Shango we’re all about celebrating marijuana, cannabis, or whatever you want to call it, in all of its many different forms. Whether you’re a regular user, or you’re completely new to the industry, we’re sure this collection of marijuana facts will prove interesting, and shed some light on this substance. Here are a few notable facts about marijuana.

Marijuana is Very Widely Used

One of the marijuana facts that might surprise you (or might just confirm your thoughts) is the sheer popularity of marijuana. Cannabis is the third most popular recreational drug in the US, behind alcohol and tobacco, and has been used by almost 100 million Americans, including 25 million in the last year alone. While alcohol and tobacco are legal in the majority of countries worldwide though, cannabis remains illegal around much of the world, and in many US states.

Marijuana is One of the World’s Oldest Crops

The use of the cannabis plant dates back thousands of years; and it has been used both recreationally, medicinally, and for various rituals and ceremonies throughout recent history. The plant is also used to make hemp, which was (and still is) used for making clothes, rope, and much more. Burial mounds dating back as far as 3000 BC have even been discovered with traces of burnt cannabis seeds.

Marijuana Comes in Various Different Forms/Can Be Enjoyed Numerous Ways

While marijuana remains the most common method of enjoying this substance, there are now numerous other methods that will give you a good high (many of which are available right here at Shango!). From cannabis concentrates, which pack a real punch and deliver more of a powerful high, to delicious edibles, which, as the name suggests, are designed to be consumed, there’s something for everyone – especially convenient if you don’t like smoking. You can even opt for marijuana topicals, which are applied to the skin and can provide health and beauty benefits.

There Are Different Strains of Cannabis, With Different Properties

There are a few different variations of the cannabis plant, and these ‘strains’ can have varying properties and effects on the user. The most widespread and popular strains are Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica, and many ‘hybrid’ strains are also created, which combine the two (as well as the Cannabis Ruderalis strain). Sativa is generally considered to be more of a stimulant, whilst Indica can give sedative effects. Whatever your preference, there’s sure to be a strain catering for you.

Substances Known as Cannabinoids Are Responsible for Your High

There are hundreds of compounds in marijuana, and also a high number of ‘cannabinoids’, which are unique to the cannabis plant. Of these cannabinoids, the main one responsible for the psychoactive effects of marijuana (ie the reason you get high) is THC, while another that can have calming and potentially medicinal effects is CBD. These compounds work by interacting with certain receptors within your body.

Cannabis Users Eat More Calories (But Don’t Gain More Weight!)

This marijuana fact might surprise you – cannabis users consume 600 more calories per day than people who don’t partake, yet these extra calories don’t translate into extra fat and can actually protect users against conditions such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The University of Miami studied the effects marijuana has on metabolism, and found that regular marijuana smokers had lower BMI’s and smaller waistlines that their non-smoking counterparts! If that’s not a good reason to start we don’t know what is.

Most People (Correctly) Believe Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol

The results of a 2014 survey show that seven out of 10 people in the USA think that alcohol is more harmful than marijuana, and the facts back this up. Unlike substances such as alcohol and tobacco, which cause huge numbers of deaths every year, cannabis, at least directly, is never a cause of death. Whilst alcohol poisoning and alcohol-related illnesses account for millions of deaths (alcohol was responsible for 3.3 million deaths worldwide in 2012), no one has ever died from a cannabis overdose, and it would take a dose thousands of times larger than average for someone to do so (in other words, it’s essentially impossible).

The First E-Commerce Transaction Involved Marijuana

If you’re looking for some marijuana facts to impress your friends, then this piece of trivia might prove useful. While nowadays the internet is used for all kinds of transactions, you might be surprised to learn that the very first thing bought and sold on the web was a bag of marijuana, more than 40 years ago! This first e-commerce transaction involved students from Stanford and MIT universities.

Only 9% of Cannabis Users Become Dependent

Though people might talk of the dangers of getting addicted to marijuana, it’s in fact much less addictive than legal substances such as alcohol and tobacco, and illegal drugs such as heroin. Just 9% of marijuana users become dependent, as opposed to 32% of tobacco users, 15% of alcohol users, and 23% of heroin users. Marijuana dependence (and withdrawal symptoms) are also far less severe than for other substances, so make sure to use these facts about marijuana if you’re ever having a debate.

Experience it for Yourself!

Now you know some more marijuana facts, you might want to put some of this knowledge into practice and pick up some quality cannabis for yourself. Luckily for you, here at Shango we’ve got a great selection of different marijuana strains, as well as various edibles, concentrates, and a whole lot more.  If you want some more facts about marijuana, as well as general advice and information, why not check out our education section on the site? Coupled with these new cannabis facts you’ve just learned, we’re sure you’ll be a discerning consumer in no time!