Check Out Shango’s Ultra Potent Cannabis Edibles Range.

Do you want to enjoy cannabis discreetly? Do you crave a sweet treat that delivers a little extra satisfaction? Then try some of the portable pieces of pure pleasure now available in Shango stores.

We carry delicious edibles and beverages from Danodan, Delta 9, Drift Sublingual, Drip Ice Cream, Jolly Greens, Fine & Dandies, Legal Sparkling Tonic, Lunchbox Alchemy, Oregrown, Reefer Rolls, Ripped City Sodas, That Taffy and other fine brands.

But, if you’re seeking for the ultimate edible, Shango Chocolates are in a class by themselves. We combine rich, satisfying, high-quality chocolate with our special unflavored Indica or Sativa concentrates made from Shango Flower. So, the only thing you’ll taste is sheer chocolate perfection.

New Shango Gummies are delicious drops of fruity flavor with a cannabis kick to elevate your mood. They’re made with our special, unflavored extracts so their fantastic fruity flavors always burst through. And they always deliver a pleasant, “functional high.”

Our featured flavor changes with every batch. So, visit your favorite Shango store often, check out the latest, luscious variety, and treat your taste buds to a Shango Gummy.

Just a Reminder!

Oregon recreational customers can purchase edible products containing a total of 50 mg of THC or less, from a single store in a single business day. The total purchase can consist of multiple products, but the total amount of THC in all of the pieces cannot exceed 250 mg.

Shango Chocolates and Gummies, as well as the other edibles we carry, are packaged in convenient, low-dose servings to help make it easy to follow the rules and enjoy your favorite cannabis treats.

Treat yourself to the tastiest cannabis experience, yet. Get some great edibles from Shango, today.

Some Important Words About Safety

It’s very important to remember that while edibles may be sweet and satisfying, most of them contain the potent ingredients that give cannabis flower and concentrates their various stimulating, sedating and/or mood-altering effects.

We urge you to read and understand all labeling information before consuming any edible cannabis products. Always follow the instructions for intended use. Never use more than the recommended amount within the recommended time frame.

Here are some additional tips for safe, responsible use:

  • Know the product’s effect before using it.
  • Even if you’re an experienced cannabis user, always start slow. Every edible is different and can affect you in a different way. Every body reacts differently to THC and other cannabinoids. Follow all dosing recommendations regardless of your body weight.
  • First-time users should always start with half the recommended amount to establish a “comfort level.”
  • Be patient – the full effect can take up to one hour to set in.
  • Be mindful that the effect can last between two and six hours and plan accordingly.
  • Drink lots of water while using these products.
  • Store them in a cool, dry place.
  • Always secure your edibles in a childproof container!
  • Never operate a motor vehicle while using these products!

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