Yuletide is upon us, which means only one thing; time to start cannabis Christmas shopping! With the legalization of marijuana becoming more prevalent, the choice of marijuana-inspired gifts has unequivocally exploded. This can make it quite difficult, particularly for non-cannabis consumers to find the perfect presents for their friends, family, and co-workers. To help, we’ve compiled this cannabis Christmas gift guide, which we’ve split into different pricing brackets. There is also a segment at the end of the post dedicated to the products we stock that would also make the perfect cannabis Christmas present.

From budget-conscious gifts to the extravagant, there’s something on this marijuana gift guide for everyone.


$20 or Less Cannabis Gift Ideas
Perfect for the Cannabis Connoisseur

Side Lighter
Tetra; $20

These sophisticated lighters are not only stunning to look at, they’re also incredibly handy. In black, gold and iridescent, they’re fuel-free, can be used in any weather and are rechargeable (they come with their own dedicated USB charger). No longer will there be worry about whether or not a cannabis cigarette can be lit with these beauties. Please note, though, these lighters are too small to use on pipes and dab nails.

SmokeBuddy Personal Air Filter
420 Science; $16.99

These handy little smoke filters eliminate odors for up to 6 weeks and are ideal for marijuana aficionados who like to have a discreet toke indoors. At first, we were skeptical that they would work, but were pleasantly surprised as they do, really well in fact! Just make sure to leave the caps off so any moisture isn’t trapped inside, as that will clog up the filter more rapidly.


Perfect for Medicinal Marijuana Users

CBD Swirl Grapefruit Bath Bomb
De La Beuh; $15

This amazing looking bath bomb isn’t just about style, it’s about substance too. Not only infused with a potent CBD extract, which among other things can ease the crippling pain of arthritis, prevent seizures and inhibit the growth of cancer cells, it’s also imbued with the therapeutic qualities of grapefruit. Grapefruit is a natural antibacterial agent. It is said to help promote weight loss and can even relieve hangovers.

The Patient Journal: A Medical Cannabis User Companion
Goldleaf; $16

This slim, vintage-inspired reference book helps medicinal marijuana users keep track of how effective various strains of cannabis are in the treatment of their symptoms. Perfect for citing which strains and products work the best.


$25 – $50 Marijuana Christmas Gift Guide
Perfect for the Cannabis Connoisseur

Rose Gold Grinder
Sweetflag; $25

Available in the very ‘on-trend’ rose gold colouring, this exquisite four-tiered grinder comes with a pollen catcher and small spatula to harvest the crystals. It’s the perfect size for a purse and looks stylish on any cannabis lover’s desk.

Cookies & Cream Brownie
The 4.20 Brownie; $49.90

This may seem like an absurd amount of money to spend on a normal-sized brownie, but any seasoned cannabis enthusiast receiving it won’t be disappointed. It’s infused with 1,000 mg of THC, which is evenly distributed throughout the brownie, meaning there are many potent doses in one bar. Perfect for budgeting bud consumption when cut into small cubes and stored in the freezer.


Perfect for Medicinal Marijuana Users

Orb Stash – Poké Ball
Sweetflag; $35

For medicinal marijuana users who love playing Pokémon Go, but are too anxious to carry their remedial cannabis outdoors, this Poké ball-inspired stash case is the perfect gift. Beautifully crafted in California from solid aerospace aluminum alloy, the seal between the halves is airtight, meaning no aromas can escape. It also makes for a neat massage ball, which can be rolled in your hand for a pressure point massage.

Joint Case

This elegant cannabis cigarette case was crafted by designer Justin von der Fehr. Now, thanks to his distinctively beautiful design, medicinal marijuana users can carry with them up to two therapeutic joints discreetly and in style.


$55 – $100 Cannabis Christmas Gift Guide
Perfect for the Cannabis Connoisseur

The Pursuits of Happiness
Voltaire; $75

For stylish cannabis lovers who struggle to roll joints or for those who are looking for a quirky pipe which they can use outdoors, one of these elegant, handmade flutes is the answer. Resembling a cigarette with a gold mouthpiece, each pipe is the handcrafted work of April Brimer and Pavel Cherny in Portland, OR. The packing compartment at the front of the pipe is large enough to hold a small bud.

Cannabis Queen Gift Set
Bud and Lilies; $89

For ladies who would like their cannabis paraphernalia to look more feminine and a whole lot more iridescent than most rolling trays and stash jars on the market, this beautifully handmade gift set is ideal. The box contains a selection of exquisitely handcrafted items, which look chic and elegant. Needless to say, we were really impressed with the workmanship. It is something quite sublime, particularly the flower embedded rolling tray and tool set.


Perfect for Medicinal Marijuana Users

Half Circle Pipe
Yew Yew; $68

Using a pipe to inhale CBD from dry herb is healthier than smoking a marijuana cigarette. Also, the effects which are felt from taking a “hit” are typically more potent and are experienced much faster. So, for cannabis users who need to medicate quickly, for example to prevent a seizure, a portable pipe is best. These palm-sized, contemporary ceramic pipes, which don’t really look like pipes at all, come in blue and pink, and are perfect as they’re small and simple to use.

PuffCo Plus
PuffCo; $99

For veteran medicinal marijuana users who prefer to vape their remedial cannabis and receive an entire dose of CBD all at once, a PuffCo Plus makes for the perfect gift. With its enhanced airflow and coil-free chamber, it has been engineered to heat instantly, allowing potent terpenes and cannabinoids to be delivered directly into the lungs. What a joyous way to receive medicine!


Shango Gifts

If you prefer to shop for gifts in person rather than online or would like to be able to talk to warm, friendly, knowledgeable individuals about the cannabis products you’re considering, then come and visit one of our locations in Nevada or Oregon.

While we don’t stock smoking paraphernalia or rolling accessories, we do stock the cannabis which can be used in them.

We have a whole host of cannabis products as well as the cannabis itself – and it’s a truth universally acknowledged that the greatest gift a cannabis enthusiast or medicinal marijuana user can receive is the gift of cannabis itself. Our colleagues will be able to advise you which of our wide range of renowned flowers (which start from $4.80 for 1g), concentrates and cartridges are the best items to purchase based on who you’re buying for and why you’re buying for them.

And if cannabis isn’t quite the gift you’re looking for, we also sell potent edibles, salves, and seeds.

We ho-ho-hope that you found some inspiration for marijuana-based presents and stocking fillers from our ultimate cannabis gift guide, and we ho-ho-hope you come to us to do your cannabis Christmas shopping!

Happy holidays!