What is Medical Marijuana?

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Scientific research has indicated that the use of medical marijuana might help patients who have certain diseases, but since the concept is fairly new, it might be difficult to understand the impact it could make on the entire health industry. Here are some simple facts about the drug that explain the differences between the recreational and medical aspects of it.

Exactly What is Medical Marijuana?

After several medical cannabis dispensaries in Portland began opening their doors, many people across the United States began wondering exactly what medical marijuana is and how different it is from the popular street drug. The medical version of marijuana refers to the entire unprocessed plant or an extraction of it in order to alleviate the symptoms of a disease or to treat it altogether. Although the Food and Drug Administration has not approved or recognized the drug as a form of medicine, there is plenty of scientific research that has been conducted that indicates there may be medical benefits to it.

Cannabinoids – A Chemical Found in Medical Marijuana

Scientific research was also conducted on cannabinoids, which are chemicals that can be found in medical marijuana. After positive results were concluded about the benefits marijuana could have on a person’s health, the Food and Drug Administration did approve two different medicines that contain cannabinoids in a pill form. It is probable that further research will lead to more approvals from the FDA in the near future.

The Difference Between Medical Marijuana and the Street Drug Version

Interestingly, there may not be much of a difference between medical marijuana and the popular street drug version. The primary difference is that there is more government involvement in the way medical marijuana is produced, which may result in it being safer than the street drug because it is more pure in nature. The street drug, on the other hand, could be laced with a more dangerous drug.

Why Medical Marijuana is Not FDA Approved Yet

The primary reason the drug has not been FDA approved as of yet is simply because the organization has not had time to conduct enough research about it. They will most likely come to a conclusion within the next few years.

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