Our Divisions that Adhere to Rigorous Testing and Quality Control

Cultivation and Processing Division

Cannabis cultivation is at the heart of our company. Growing superior cannabis requires superior knowledge, experience and techniques. Shango draws upon more than 25 years of unsurpassed cannabis cultivation expertise. Our proprietary cultivation process sets the standard for quality, consistency, yield and cost efficiency for the Cannabis Industry.

This streamlined process has been specifically developed and perfected to create and maintain the optimal conditions required to produce the maximum amount of premium quality cannabis from each plant. It also integrates multiple redundant environmental controls and quality assurance procedures to protect the crops from contamination and disease, as well as power and equipment failures.

All Shango products are meticulously processed by hand. Our highly trained specialists, working in custom-designed clean rooms, make sure our flowers are carefully trimmed to preserve their appearance and retain their active ingredients.

No flowers are processed until they have been properly dried and fully cured. This is essential to protecting the flowers from developing any unpleasant and unwanted flavors and aromas that can spoil the smoking experience.

Shango also partners with other select cannabis growers and processors that share our passion for perfection and meet our exacting standards for optimal product quality, consistency and freshness.

These best practices enable Shango to produce more, consistently superior cannabis to meet the growing demands of the marketplace while ensuring that our products remain competitively priced.

Concentrates Division

The demand for more discreet and convenient cannabis products, such as shatter, wax, butter, crumble, bubble hash and oils, is growing rapidly. All Shango Flower strains, including our specially engineered proprietary strains, are used to create the cannabis concentrates these products require.

Shango concentrates are refined either in our own custom-designed facilities or by Shango-approved manufacturing partners. All of these facilities meet the highest standards for cleanliness and safety.

Our commitment to proprietary, top-quality refining adds incremental cost to our concentrate products, but ensures far superior results that are valued and preferred by cannabis customers.

Infused Products Division

Consumers are also demanding discreet and convenient “smokeless” alternatives to flower and combustible concentrate cannabis products. And many newer consumers prefer products that offer the various benefits and effects of cannabis, but don’t taste like cannabis.

The Shango Infused Products Division will answer this demand with a full range of edible Shango Specialties, such as confections, baked goods and beverages. We will also create wide variety cannabis-infused nutritional and therapeutic supplements, as well as beauty and personal care products.

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About Us

Shango produces, distributes and sells a full range of premium cannabis products, including flower, concentrates and cannabis-infused confections, baked goods and beverages.

We are committed to setting the standards for product quality, customer service, ethical business practices and education for the entire Cannabis Industry. Shango is a leading advocate for the safe and responsible use of cannabis products.

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