What Are Cannabis Dabs and How Do They Look?

What makes marijuana so great is that it comes in many different shapes and forms. You can choose between flowers, liquids, wax, medical strains, dabs, among others. What we’re interested in today are dabs.

These brownish, sticky concentrates have been gaining a lot of popularity recently and it’s no wonder – they can get you insanely high. In this article, we will discuss what a dab is and how it looks, learn how to smoke it, and see if there are any dangers involved with smoking dabs. Let’s start.

What Are Cannabis Dabs and How Do They Look?

Dabs are a type of marijuana concentrate which has extremely high THC potency. Dabs are also known as concentrated Butane Hash Oil (BHO). Manufacturers often use butane and carbon dioxide to extract these concentrates. That is precisely why their texture tends to be sticky and gooey.

CBD can also be extracted with the same method. However, it’s a less popular choice because it has no added benefits. THC dabs, on the other hand, can get you insanely high in a short amount of time. Some dabs cannabis can contain anywhere from 60%-90% of THC, which is just crazy.

How To Smoke a Dab?

Smoking a dab is completely different than smoking a regular joint – it requires a totally different technique and apparatus. While you can sprinkle some dab in your joints, it’s much more effective to smoke it through a dab rig. Because dab smoking has been very popularized in recent years, you can find all sorts of dab rigs and other dab-smoking devices.

Here’s what you need to smoke a dab:

  • A dab rig – this a device that’s quite similar to bongs in appearance. It is a glass structure that has a dedicated fitting for a nail that is used to store and smoke the dab.
  • Quartz rig nail -a rig nail is similar to bong bowls, you use it to place the dab before heating it up.
  • Dabbers – Dabbers are used to pick up the concentrate and place it on the quartz rig nail.
  • Carb Caps – a carb cap helps with regulating the airflow
  • Torch – to smoke a dab, you need to heat it up. Instead of using a lighter, we recommend a smaller torch.

Now that you have all the equipment, here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Get your torch and start heating up the nail. Make sure that it’s steaming hot before you stop.
  2. Once the nail is properly heated, get your torch out of the way. Quartz rigs require a cooling period of about 45 seconds and 10 seconds for titanium nails.
  3. Grab your dabber and pick up the concentrate.
  4. Put the concentrate on the nail.
  5. Grab the rig and start inhaling the smoke.
  6. Use a carb cap to cover the nail and continue inhaling smoke.

Where Can I Buy Dabs?

At Shango, we offer a wide variety of marijuana concentrates – visit us and choose your favorite. Find a store close to your location and pay us a visit. If you aren’t sure how to choose a suitable marijuana product, don’t worry. Our helpful staff will assist you in choosing the perfect product for your needs.