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Las Vegas is all about the biggest, the brightest and the best. So, when Shango received approval to open our first store in Las Vegas, we knew it would have to be an extraordinary place worthy of the City of Lights. Actually, the word “store” won’t even begin to describe our new Las Vegas flagship location. It will combine a huge, state-of-the-art cannabis cultivation and processing facility, an industrial kitchen for creating Shango’s delicious edibles, and an amazing retail space. This massive, 72,000 square-foot “store” located at 4380 Boulder Highway in the East Valley will be the Cannabis Capital of Las Vegas! We offer all of your favorite products from Shango and other fine companies, as well as Shango swag and a full range of accessories.

Shango Named winner in Nevada for best of Weedmaps 2020

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We charge $1.00 for each Shango Exit Bag provided with your order. We suggest you reuse your Shango Exit Bags for in-store pickup or shopping as often as possible to avoid this additional fee. You can also use any state-approved, childproof dispensary bag instead. As long as it works properly. We think keeping cannabis safely out of the reach of children is well worth an extra buck. We know you’ll agree. Thanks.

  • Orders placed after 9AM no longer qualify for the Happy Hour Discount.
  • Happy Hour deliveries cannot be held until end of day.
  • Orders placed between 6AM-9AM will be sent out for delivery at the next available delivery time. If nobody is available during initial delivery attempt, the Happy Hour discount will be removed at next attempt at delivery. No advance orders or late orders will be added to the delivery schedule.
  • Curbside and Pick-up orders need to be placed by 9AM and picked up by 9:30AM to qualify.
  • Orders can be placed at any time, except 9pm-Midnight. Deliveries begin at 6am Daily.
  • All accepted orders will be delivered that same day. Any orders placed after 9pm will be processed and delivered the following day. Delivery drivers wear body cams for safety- no information or images are saved unless an incident occurs.We will text you with delivery ETAs and updates.
  • Deliveries are $50 minimum, and no delivery fee!
  • Order and pick up 24/7. Please, DO NOT come to the store until we text you that your order is ready. When you arrive, your order will be available at Check In.
  • According to Nevada State regulations, you MUST wear a face covering at all times, while waiting in line outside the store and in the Check In area.
  • If you do not wear a face covering, we CANNOT serve you.
  • Any orders that have not been picked up within 12 hours from the order being confirmed will be cancelled.
  • Order 24/7. Curbside Pickup hours are Sun-Wed: 6am – 1am and Thurs-Sat: 6am – 2am.
  • Please, DO NOT come to the store until we text you that your order is ready; Our order site is experiencing some technical issues and may not test when your order is ready, please feel free to call and select reception.
  • When you arrive, stay in your car. Orders cannot be fulfilled if anyone in your car is under 21 years of age, unless that person is a valid medical cannabis patient with valid credentials. If you are on a motorcycle, please remove your helmet for the transaction.
  • Curbside pickup orders have a $40 minimum.
  • Any orders that have not been picked up within 12 hours from the order being confirmed will be cancelled.