Now that cannabis has been widely regarded as a respected drug with health benefits for certain people, it’s become more important than ever to carefully consider who you purchase from.

The Different Types of Cannabis

There are three main types of specialties that you should be familiar with — flower, concentrated and cannabis-infused specialty products. Each of these products serves a different purpose, and knowing when to choose one type over the other can make your overall experience more beneficial. Shango flower is good when you want a complex flavor and aroma, with a careful cultivation and production techniques. Concentrates are useful for when you want to enjoy the herb discreetly. Specialty products include candies and baked goods to satisfy your sweet tooth. You can find a cannabis retailer in Portland to help answer your questions about the products.

Health Benefits of Cannabis

Cannabinoids can be found naturally in the body and can help improve a wide variety of physiological functions. Cannabis has been approved for medical use because it has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels, relieve pain, reduces seizures and suppresses muscle spasms. The list of potential health benefits is exhaustive, but cannabis is truly a super plant that can be used to treat a wide range of issues.

Side Effects of Cannabis

While it’s important to avoid driving, operating heavy machinery and performing hazardous activities while using cannabis, it’s also important to note that, for most people, there are relatively few side effects. The effects experienced vary by the individual and the dose prescribed. However, you may experience an elevated mood, decreased inhibitions and a more relaxed state. Distortions of time and space are also reported, and you may have an elevated heart rate or pulse. Negative experiences are less common but may include self-consciousness, paranoia and panic.

Synthetic Cannabinoid Products

While cannabis is still considered a Schedule 1 substance, it is now legal to get dronabinol and nabilone. Both of these are synthetic products used for specific purposes. Both drugs are useful for the treatment of nausea and vomiting, so it’s important to discuss your specific ailment with your doctor to find the right medication.