Traditionally, the effects of cannabis are achieved through smoking. Now, edibles offer a delicious twist for consumers of medical marijuana.

Why Edibles Are the Preferred Choice of Cannabis Consumers

Throughout history, marijuana has been ingested for its medicinal and recreational benefits. Modern use has made it a common practice to infuse foods with the active chemicals in cannabis in order to offer a more pleasing experience. Edibles taste better, offer stronger effects, last longer and are a healthier choice for ingestion. As the popularity of cannabis use increases, more and more edibles make their way onto the scene.

Edibles Taste Much Better

Because edibles are traditional foods infused with cannabis extracts, they are far more delicious than traditional means of ingestion. Smoking cannabis can be a relatively uncomfortable experience as the flavor and smoke of marijuana is quite intense. Edibles come in all shapes and sizes whether it be a cookie, candy or an oil used to infuse main entrees. Most of these items can be found through a cannabis retailer in Portland, which is a safe place to purchase true cannabis products.

Longer Lasting, Stronger Effects

Another great benefit is the long lasting, potent body high that the user experiences. Unlike smoking or vaporizing, the effects can last all day. This is due to the Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, and Cannabidiol, or CBD, being metabolized in a different way. When ingested, the liver metabolizes these chemicals whereas they go straight into the blood stream when inhaled. This seemingly minor difference has a massive impact on the type of experience the user has. Because the effects are stronger and last longer, edibles are the best choice for people with intense pain or chronic conditions.

Healthier Alternative to Smoking

Smoking can have some negative effects on one’s health, especially for the lungs and throat. When the plant material is burned, marijuana produces carcinogens. While this is not as dangerous as cigarettes, carcinogens can cause cancer. Edibles do not require any sort of burning as the stomach and liver will digest and metabolize the cannabis in a different fashion. Another added benefit is that the user will not smell of smoke after use.