When buying cannabis, it is advisable to give preference to retailers who are licensed to operate the business. Also confirm whether the person is aged over 21 years and is a resident of your state.

How To Identify The Right Portland Cannabis Retailer

With more states approving of the request to legalize marijuana, it becomes necessary to identify the right cannabis retailers when you are looking for pure cannabis. There are laws that govern the distribution and production of the drug, so you need to be careful whom you deal with. Due to the profitability that has come with the business, some people will be tempted to operate illegally while retailing cannabis. Finding the right cannabis retailer in Portland is easy. All you need is to check whether the person follows the laws of the state to avoid dealing with unapproved individuals.

Proof of Age and Residence

As most states stipulate, you are not allowed to retail cannabis unless you are 21 years or older. Non-residents may also find it challenging to operate this business, so buying from people who do not meet these requirements may get you into trouble. Rather, this is an issue that should be handed over to the authorities. Always confirm that the person you are about to buy cannabis from qualifies to run the business.


All shops that are allowed to retail cannabis are expected to do so after obtaining licensing from the authorities. If the government finds out that you are dealing with unlicensed individuals, you may also be held responsible for supporting such businesses to thrive. Confirm whether the shop you are about to buy from is licensed and authorized to sell the product. Remember buying from a licensed cannabis distributor in Portland allows you an easy time in case of legal follow up.

Criminal History Confirmation

It is no secret that most peddlers who operate without following the requirements issued by the government are criminals. Purchasing cannabis from an illegal seller can result in legal consequences for not only the seller but you as a buyer as well. This is why you need to confirm that the person you are about to buy from runs a legitimate, licensed business.