While actual scientific evidence on whether marijuana is good for anxiety is limited, many users and some research suggest that it actually can aid in relieving anxiety-induced symptoms. Marijuana for anxiety has also been a topic of discussion during the current COVID-19 crisis.

People aren’t used to these restrictive measures and prolonged stays inside the house, which is why there was a huge increase in anti-anxiety medication prescriptions. In this article, we will discover how and why to use marijuana to relieve anxiety symptoms.

The Use of Medical Marijuana for Anxiety

As we have briefly touched on in the intro, anxiety levels are currently at their highest due to lockdown and social distancing orders. The limitation of movement and being forced to stay inside for prolonged periods of time can have a negative impact on your mental well-being.

That is why many started considering marijuana as a potential anxiety reliever. So, the question is, is it good for anxiety?

Doctor Piomelli says that marijuana is much safer as an anxiety aid compared to other substances such as alcohol because it’s not addictive. Not all types of marijuana are suitable for anxiety, though. o, what kind of marijuana is good for anxiety?

CBD would be your safest bet. Research has shown that CBD is particularly great for helping with social anxiety because it doesn’t have such strong effects as THC. You can consume CBD in many different forms, such as smoking, oils, or even though edibles.

How to Use Medical Marijuana for Anxiety

Answering this question is a bit difficult, because the preferences may vary from one person to another. However, here are some general tips we recommend:

  • If you prefer marijuana that is potent in THC, then we recommend starting off with lower doses. Higher doses may induce extra anxiety, while low doses can relieve any stress symptoms.
  • Because we’re currently fighting a COVID-19 pandemic, a disease that mostly impacts your lungs, maybe it would be smarter to opt for edibles – they don’t require smoking. Be careful, though, since some edibles contain really high doses of THC. You can also find CBD edibles which are very low in THC

Does Marijuana Have Any Other Health Benefits?

According to some medical journals, there is some evidence that shows that marijuana can boost immunity and aid in fighting viral illnesses. However, in terms of COVID-19 specifically, there hasn’t been any research about marijuana’s effects on it. Why do some believe that it can actually help with fighting off COVID-19, though?

That is because some other research also suggests that both THC and CBD can change your body’s inflammatory response. This helps with improving the damage which is brought on to organs and other body tissue.

Moreover, THC also leads to an increase in CD4 and CD8 cell production, according to a study performed on monkeys. These cells are responsible for fighting off some illnesses.

What makes this case particularly interesting is that cannabinoids control the same proteins which are responsible for COVID-19 damage in some cases. On the other hand, there were some claims that stated how marijuana could actually lower the immune response way too much, which is why they don’t recommend it.

Overall, the choice is yours. We recommend performing further research into the matter to get a clearer picture.

Where Can I Buy Medical Marijuana?

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