Whether marijuana has health benefits has been debated in the medical community for a while. What makes this topic difficult is the fact that everything is subjective. Some people use marijuana to relieve anxiety symptoms, while others stay clear of it. Anxiety levels are at its highest during the COVID-19 crisis because of stay-at-home orders.

This situation has brought on a lot of stress and a lot of individuals are feeling anxious and scared. That is precisely why many turn to marijuana as a potential remedy. In this article, we will learn more about how to use marijuana for anxiety.

Is Marijuana Good for Anxiety?

This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on your anxiety levels and personal preference. In general, marijuana usage was reported to have certain benefits, especially for social anxiety. However, before we conclude anything, let’s see what research says.

The researchers at the University of Illinois have found that low doses of THC can improve one’s anxiety symptoms. The research was performed on 42 individuals who were split into two groups. One group consumes larger THC doses, while the second group consumes lower THC doses.

The groups had to perform certain tasks, such as interviews and other anxiety-inducing situations. What they found was interesting. Participants who consumed lower THC doses reported feeling easy and relaxed during these stressful situations. On the other hand, participants who consumed larger doses reported feeling uneasy and anxious.

What Kind of Marijuana Is Good for Anxiety?

However, another marijuana compound known as CBD was found to have even more benefits for anxiety-related conditions. One research from 2015 has shown that CBD is particularly suitable for social anxiety.

What makes CBD marijuana products more suitable for anxiety compared to THC products is the fact that CBD is not psychoactive. It only has relaxing and soothing effects on one’s body and mind, making it much safer and easier to handle. This doesn’t mean that CBD cures anxiety, though. It just makes coping with anxiety easier.

Can Cannabis Boost My Immune System?

Because of the COVID-19 scare, many are looking at marijuana and wondering whether it has any health benefits that can boost our immune systems. Some studies suggest that, because of its anti-inflammatory properties, marijuana can help with fighting off diseases. Bear in mind, though, that the number of such studies is quite limited and there isn’t enough information to make a safe conclusion.

One study from 2014 has found that THC leads to higher CD4 and CD8 cell production in monkeys. CD4 and CD8 are cells that fight off various illnesses. Another study performed by the Mount Sinai School of Medicine discovered that cannabinoids have the potential of preventing HIV  from infecting immune system cells.

Where Can I Buy Medical Marijuana for Anxiety?

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