Different forms of medical marijuana exist, and some forms might be more suited to certain medical conditions than others.

What Type of Medical Marijuana is Best for You?

With the legalization of medical marijuana in more and more states, many people are beginning to experience the healing effects of the plant. Those who suffer from chronic pain or medical conditions such as epilepsy, sleep apnea or certain types of cancers might be able to find relief with some of the medical marijuana products on the market. If you have a medical marijuana card in Portland already, then your next step is to determine which type of medical marijuana best suits your needs.

Marijuana Flowers

Perhaps the most commonly sought after form of medical marijuana is its purest form: the flower. There are many strains of marijuana plants, and each of them has its own distinct aroma and flavor. The manner in which the plant is cultivated also affects its potency and quality. Most medical marijuana flowers are grown within indoor facilities and are carefully harvested to preserve their active ingredients. The flowers are ideal for those who enjoy the sensation of inhaling or smoking. From their fresh state, they must be ground down in order to be properly smoked.

Marijuana Concentrates

Those who aren’t keen on the traditional smoking method or who simply want a more discreet way to take their medical marijuana might favor marijuana concentrates over flowers. Concentrates come in the form of shatters and waxes that are quick and convenient to use. They require no preparation like the flowers do, and they deliver much higher levels of THC with each use than the traditional smoking method does. One of the most popular ways to use concentrates is with a vaporizer that quickly delivers concentrated amounts of THC to the system.

Marijuana Cartridges

Another type of medical marijuana comes in the form of cartridges. Cartridges are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience. Cartridges are simply disposable vaporizer pens that are already loaded with concentrated marijuana oils contracted from a variety of strains. Similar to an electronic cigarette, marijuana cartridges are ready to go and easily disposed of when they’re empty. These are perhaps the most discreet way to get your dose of medical marijuana anywhere, anytime. The only maintenance required with cartridges is the occasional battery change.