As medical marijuana continues to be a source of controversy among lawmakers, there are some surprising facts about cannabis that some people may not be aware of. Here are some of the most interesting statistics.

It is Rare to Develop a Dependency on Cannabis

Much controversy has surrounded cannabis in Portland after the state approved the use of medical and recreational marijuana recently. However, the issue has become increasingly popular as individuals are realizing the many benefits cannabis has, especially in the medical arena. While some lawmakers argue that the drug is dangerous, according to a recent study that was conducted about how easy it is to get addicted to cannabis, only 9 percent of marijuana users ever actually develop a dependency on the drug.

Controversy over Comparing Alcohol Use to Marijuana Use

Many individuals argue that recreational marijuana is a much safer alternative to drinking alcohol because it is more difficult to become dependent on, and the effects of the drug might not impair a person to as severe of a degree as drinking too much alcohol could. Interestingly enough, marijuana and beer are closely related: They come from the same family of flowers that hops derive from. However, the effects of consuming cannabis compared to drinking too much beer might produce two drastically different results. There are several other scientific studies that indicate that cannabis is not only a safer alternative to alcohol but to tobacco as well.

How the Legalization of Recreational Marijuana Could Benefit the Economy

If every state implemented the legalization of recreational marijuana, the result could be that as much as $8.7 billion could be generated that would benefit both the state and federal economies. However, imagine the effect the legalization of medical marijuana could have on the health care sector. Patients could save money each month if they did not have to purchase expensive pharmaceuticals that often feature harmful side effects.

Other Points of Interest

Legalizing marijuana might have a wide range of other benefits as well. For example, crime rates could potentially go down because an estimated 800,000 people are arrested each year for marijuana-related crimes. After considering all of these statistics, perhaps the question lawmakers should be asking is why they wouldn’t approve the use of recreational marijuana.