Willamette Week

Williamette Week – September 26, 2014


Aesthetically, Chillberry isn’t far from a chilled dessert: fluffy and sugar-coated with an abundance of dewy trichomes. The scent is piney, crisp and enticing, as sharp as a whiff of lemongrass-lime froyo.

It has great flavor, too, leaving a fresh, almost minty taste in your mouth—like you actually took the time to use your bong’s ice-catcher.

Judging from its name and lab results of 21.1 percent THC content, I figured this strain would make me fall asleep and/or give me a craving for Crunch Berries. I expected hours lost in red-eyed oblivion, but Chillberry turned out to be anything but dozy. The head high hits first, swinging all the wheels in your head into motion for a thoughtful, invigorating little rush. In my experience, passionate political discourse quickly ensued.

The rush evens out to a solid buzz, so that you feel awake and refreshed yet calm, how well-balanced hybrids are supposed to feel. I find this an ideal wake-and-bake strain, workday or otherwise. For those of us with less-pleasant day jobs, the indica genes provide some relief of physical tension to start the day off on a good, relaxed foot. For Portland in general, this edgy, mysterious strain has your name written all over it. Roll one up before Leafly does.