Medical marijuana has a variety of uses for those who are suffering from medical ailments. Even those who do not have an existing condition will be able to enjoy some of the following health benefits that come from using recreational marijuana.

The Benefits of Using Medical Marijuana

There are many medical cannabis dispensaries in Portland that possess a wide range of cannabis products. The products that are sold are cultivated to provide users with a variety of benefits, but many individuals may not know about the medicinal effects that medical marijuana can have. By learning about the healthy effects that come with using cannabis products, individuals will be able to make more informed choices on their next purchase.

Helps Increase Lung Capacity

Studies show that users who enjoy marijuana products will actually be able to increase their lung capacity. Researchers looked into the lung function of different smoker groups over a period of 20 years. The results concluded that while tobacco smokers lost their lung function over time, pot users had actually shown signs of increasing their lung capacity. Many suggest using marijuana as a way to get over a smoking habit, or at least to ease the transition into less frequent smoking habits.

Stops Cancer

As the cannabis industry grows, more and more people are discovering that medical marijuana can help inhibit the growth of cancer. Cannabidiol stops cancers from spreading by turning off the gene called Id-1. Studies showed that after individuals were treated with cannabidiol, the cancer cells had decreased their Id-1 expression, and they were less aggressive in their spreading. When combined with cancer treatments, many professionals expect patients to recover even more efficiently.

Improves Anxiety

When taken medicinally, marijuana can help suppress nausea and relieve all types of pain around the body. While these two main physical benefits are important, especially after chemotherapy, studies are also beginning to show that there may be some emotional and mental benefits that come with using marijuana. Researchers found that individuals who suffer from high anxiety may actually experience calmer overall moods and less frequent mood swings when they use low doses of marijuana.