Shatter and wax are new to the medical marijuana world. These excessively potent products help to cater to people with severe conditions who wish to be treated medically in a more natural way.

The Medical Benefits of Concentrated Marijuana: Shatter and Wax

As medical and recreational marijuana sweeps the United States, more and more medical products are becoming available to the sick and disabled citizens of the country. Two of the latest crazes in the medical market are some of the most potent, pain-fighting varieties of medicinal marijuana available: wax and shatter. These two forms of marijuana are similar; wax is made from shatter that has crystallized. This highly concentrated form of marijuana results in a more pure source of THC.

Obtaining and Learning About Shatter and Wax

For citizens who are afflicted with chronic conditions, visiting a local shop for medical marijuana in Portland should help them to find the concentrated wax and shatter to help them relieve their pain. The dispenser will be able to educate all patients on their available shatter and wax, as many produce their own. Consultations also help to show patients the careful dosage procedures associated with these two products.

What’s So Wonderful About the Potency of These Medical Products?

Wax and shatter are both highly potent; containing approximately 80 percent THC. Even the best strains of marijuana only carry roughly 28 percent THC currently. This means that those who are suffering from several different medical problems, including post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, multiple sclerosis, seizure disorders, cancer and fibromyalgia can all find even more relief from their medical marijuana. With the cleaner composition of wax and shatter, there are fewer impurities associated with them; no leaves, flowers or dirt. The purity of shatter and wax means that patients can enjoy a cleaner effect that occurs much faster than with traditional medical products.

Are There Any Risks?

Patients should still use both marijuana products with caution due to their potency, as the side effects can be much more intense than they are with other forms of medical marijuana. Shatter and wax are recommended for those who are seasoned medical marijuana patients.