With the approval of Measure 91, the state of marijuana in Portland is changing quickly. As legalization requirements and plans are still being ironed out, one positive aspect of the approval of recreational cannabis in Oregon has already helped many marijuana users receive justice.

Less than one week after approving Measure 91, prosecutors in Multnomah County announced that they would no longer be prosecuting crimes that involve marijuana. Additionally, all pending violation-level cannabis possession cases have been dismissed. With so many voters in the county supportive of recreational marijuana, the DA’s office believes that they shouldn’t prosecute something that will shortly be legal throughout the state.

police to stop marijuana

Great news for cases involving marijuana violations

All cases that are currently open and involving marijuana related crimes have been looked at and reviewed by the DA’s office since Measure 91 was approved. With most open cases involving only violations for marijuana, prosecutors will drop the majority of offenses.

However, not all cases involving marijuana will be absolved. If a case involves more than just a charge for marijuana, those penalties will still be prosecuted. In these cases, just the marijuana charges will be dropped from the case.

Changes coming to Portland

While this is a significant move for Portland residents and law enforcement officials, it is only the start of the tide changing in terms of marijuana in Oregon. With Measure 91 going into effect in the near future, here are a few of the many changes coming to Portland’s marijuana laws.

On July 1, 2015, an individual will be allowed to possess up to 8 ounces of marijuana in their home. Additionally, they will also be allowed to grow up to four plants in their households. These laws are per household, meaning that multiple people living in one house will have to share these new cannabis limitations.

Oregon residents will be allowed to carry up to one ounce of cannabis in public, but will be unable to publically consume marijuana. Cannabis will not be allowed to be consumed in restaurants or bars and users must be at least 21 years or older to legally purchase recreational marijuana.

With Oregon loosening up marijuana laws, the outlook and legislation regarding cannabis will continue to change in the coming months. For more information on one of the top medical marijuana dispensaries in Portland or to learn about the ever-changing state of cannabis in Oregon, contact Shango for all of your cannabis related needs, (503) 788-7005.

Photo by cocoparisienne