Children with certain pediatric medical conditions may have tried a variety of medications and treatments with little success. In certain cases, the use of prescription medical marijuana may be beneficial to them.

Medical Marijuana May Also Help Children With Illnesses

When your child has a chronic pediatric health condition, you may find that much of your time is spent managing the symptoms, going to doctors’ offices and filling prescriptions. A wealth of medical research has found that medicinal marijuana may be of benefit to kids and teenagers with long-term health problems. An experienced salesperson at a local medical marijuana store in Portland may be able to help you sort through the options when your child needs a prescription for medicinal marijuana.

Administration Methods

While adult prescription-holders may be able to self-administer their medication by using a traditional rolled cigarette or pipe method, young children may not be able to do so. The staff at a prescription marijuana store should be able to demonstrate different administration methods and techniques that can be used for young children to whom medical marijuana has been prescribed. These methods are usually oral and may include the use of a vaporizer or special inhaler with a mask that fits over your child’s mouth and nose.

Helping Your Child

As your child learns how to use his or her prescription marijuana, you will need to provide some assistance. Young children may not be able to hold the breathing mask or put it on by themselves. You can help by securing the elastic strap on the back of the mask so that it fits snugly around your child’s head. You can also prepare the medical marijuana and hold the equipment for your child.

Explaining Treatment to Your Child

When you give your child medication for any pediatric medical conditions, it is a good idea to explain why they are getting that medicine. You may want to explain to your child that the pediatrician wrote a prescription for them, and that it helps to treat their symptoms for their health problem.