According to a newly implemented policy by Portland International Airport, passengers can now legally carry marijuana on flights. This rule only applies to those traveling within the state and carrying the amounts allowed by law.

New Policy Allows Oregon Flyers to Bring Marijuana on Plane

A policy recently implemented by Portland International Airport will allow those flying within the state to carry marijuana on the plane. There are some rules regarding how much you can bring and limits as to where you can travel, but whether it’s newly legalized recreational marijuana or medical marijuana in Portland, travelers can bring their pot along on plane trips as long as they comply with the rules.

An Overview

According to the rules of the newly implemented policy, travelers can bring cannabis in their carry-on, through security and on board the flight as long as it doesn’t go over the legally allowable limit in terms of weight and provided that the flyer isn’t leaving the state of Oregon. This policy does not allow passengers flying to states where marijuana use is permitted to carry it on the plane.

The Rules In-Depth

According to Oregon law, a half pound of marijuana can be in one’s possession at home, while only one ounce is allowed to be carried in public.While Transportation Security Administration officers do not stop and search passengers specifically for possession of recreational marijuana, if they find it on you, the police will take time to ensure the amount meets legal guidelines and that you are not leaving the state. If you have more than the allowable amount, you could face fines or additional penalties. You’ll have to dump your weed if you are found to be leaving the state.

Flying in Other States

Oregon is a bit of a trail blazer when it comes to air travel with marijuana. Not every state that has legalized the drug allows it on flights. For example, Denver International still has no policy permitting marijuana on board flights. However, some like Seattle-Tacoma International do.