There are many medical conditions that warrant a valid reason to use medical marijuana. In fact, medical marijuana is a safer alternative than pharmaceutical drugs.

Medical Marijuana is Safer Than Pharmaceutical Pain Pills

There are many medical conditions that cause individuals severe pain and suffering. The traditional way doctors have approached pain management is to prescribe painkillers to patients, including pain pills that are addictive and dangerous. With the rise of medical marijuana, many doctors advocate that marijuana is a safer way to treat severe pain in those who are suffering. It is easy for individuals in chronic pain to become addicted to pain pills, which can lead to abuse and death by overdose. Medical marijuana is considered to be a safer and more effective way to treat chronic pain.

Pain Pills Are Highly Addictive

When used under the supervision of a doctor, medical marijuana is safe and effective. The same is true about prescription pain pills, but there is a much higher risk of abuse involved with pain pills. It is estimated that more than 100 million Americans are struggling with pain that comes from a debilitating medical condition, and their pain may be better managed by medical marijuana.

Pain Pill Abuse is Responsible for Thousands of Deaths

Due to the ingredients in prescription pain pills, they account for thousands of deaths every year. Pain pills that have proven to be a problem include those that are in the opioid category. These pain pills have caused a vast amount of individuals to become addicted and increase use over time. A study that was published in JAMA Internal Medicine concluded there was nearly a 25% reduction of deaths by pain pill overdose in states that legalized medical marijuana.

Marijuana can Eliminate the use of Pain Pills

A study that was published by the American Pain Society concluded that when individuals who were accustomed to taking pain pills used cannabis as way to treat pain, they did not take as many pain pills. In fact, the study reported there was also a decline in antidepressants. If you are interested in a safer way to handle pain, then there are places that offer medical marijuana in Portland.