The legalization of cannabis in Oregon for medical purposes has fueled a growth spurt for new small businesses. These new businesses are providing many new jobs and helping to grow the state’s economy.

Growing Green: Medicinal Marijuana Fuels the Economy

Entrepreneurs seeking to find a market niche need not look too far in the state of Oregon. The legalization of cannabis for medical use, also referred to as medical marijuana or medicinal marijuana, has spurred the growth of many locally owned and operated businesses in Portland and throughout the state. These businesses offer many job opportunities and additional chances for economic growth.

Types of Jobs

Dispensaries of medical cannabis in Portland provide job opportunities for people with a wide range of skill sets. Customer service representatives can help clients choose the best type of medicinal marijuana for their particular needs. The sales staff can also help people learn more about treatments for their medical conditions. Technical staff may set up websites for the stores so that consumers can browse online before going into the store to make a purchase. Accountants, purchasers and management jobs are also growing thanks to the booming cannabis industry.

Increased Foot Traffic on Main Street

When consumers come into the dispensaries, they are also likely to visit some other nearby businesses. Restaurants, locally owned and operated grocery stores, and convenience stores may all benefit from the increased traffic that cannabis shops bring into town. Even local book stores and coffee shops may find their consumer base increase when a medical marijuana dispensary opens for business.

Small Business Expansion Opportunities

As more people become aware of the benefits of medicinal marijuana to treat conditions such as cancer, dispensaries may grow and add more jobs. The taxes collected from the sale of medicinal marijuana may also benefit local communities. These communities may be able to invest the tax dollars towards better infrastructure and public services that add jobs and provide grants to new small businesses.