When it comes to marijuana, not all strains are created equal. There are now thousands of different strains available, each with its own distinct properties and uses. The most popular marijuana strains are from the Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis plants. Strains are either derived purely from one of these plants, or from a mixture of them (a ‘hybrid’). Shango is dedicated to providing you with unique strains, which make use of superior plant genetics and cultivation techniques. Here’s a brief guide of what goes into our products.



Sativa strains originated in equatorial regions, and can commonly be found in parts of South America, Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa. Generally taller than other marijuana strains, the plants also take longer to mature. They’re known for their distinctive smells, which range from sweet and fruity to more earthy aromas, and for their stimulating and energizing effects. Some users also find that sativa marijuana helps boost cognitive function and creativity.



The Indica strain originated in the mountainous regions around Pakistan and Afghanistan. Indica plants are generally shorter, with wider leaves. In terms of characteristics, indica strains are renowned for their sedative and relaxing effects, unlike the predominantly uplifting properties of sativa. It has been found to aid in pain relief and muscle relaxation; making it useful for treating a range of medical conditions.



The Ruderalis strain originates from central Russia. It’s an autoflowering plant; meaning flowers are produced based on age as opposed to light cycle. Ruderalis is not used on its own in the same way as the other two popular marijuana strains, since it has a low THC content and generally unpleasant taste, but it is sometimes combined with indica and sativa to make hybrid strains.



Growers have found that interbreeding of the different cannabis strains can produce completely new strains, which can exhibit desirable characteristics typical of indica, sativa, or ruderalis, and give a ‘best-of-both-worlds’ effect. For example, the autoflowering nature of ruderalis means that it is often cross-bred with the other strains to facilitate quicker and more convenient growth.

Medical Marijuana Strains

Because of their inherent properties, many marijuana strains are used effectively for relieving pain, combating depression, treating anxiety, and a range of other medical uses. Indica varieties are often popular for this purpose, but sativa strains can also be effectively used. Cerebral and physical effects are caused by substances known as cannabinoids, the most notable of which are THC and CBD. The differing ratios between these substances are responsible for the unique properties and medical benefits of different strains.


See Them for Yourself

While researching the various cannabis strains can be very useful, it’s no substitute for seeing and trying them first-hand. To make the most of your experience, visit a Shango store in your location, and let one of our knowledgeable staff match you up with the best marijuana strain that meets your individual requirements. We have a wide range of medical grade marijuana flowers available for purchase, for both recreational and medicinal cannabis users.