With more and more states legalizing the use and sale of marijuana to adults, the views and opinions of the public are beginning to change concerning cannabis. Where there was once skepticism about how people would operate in a society with cannabis readily available,now finds America in a place of acceptance regarding recreational marijuana. As laws continue to change to reflect the views of Americans, cannabis will keep gaining new supporters and help those suffering from pain and diseases. If you have been on the fence about the benefits of marijuana legalization, here are some facts that prove it is doing more good than harm.

marijuana legalization

Taking away the illegal market

One of the main reasons why legislators have been so keen on legalizing marijuana in recent months is the hope of undercutting the illegal black market. Since a majority of the illegal marijuana sold in America comes from Mexican farmers, legal cannabis aims to eliminate the amount of unregulated weed that crosses the border. With reports from Mexico claiming that the price of Mexican cannabis is just a fraction of what it was once worth, some farmers in the most notorious growing areas have stopped planting the crop. This means more money kept in America and less funds going towards supporting dangerous Mexican drug cartels.

Keeping profits in America

Another key component of the initiative to legalize marijuana in certain states has been the amount of money that will be added to local cities and schools. With states like Colorado and Washington reaping the benefits of legalized marijuana for months, data is starting to show what kind of economical impact cannabis is having in these areas.

With Colorado alone taking in roughly $60 million to $70 million in taxes from the sale of legal marijuana, the results speak for themselves. Some estimates believe that if all 50 states legalized the use of cannabis, nearly $3 billion annually would be added to the U.S. economy. Being used to fund substance abuse programs and build and maintain schools, marijuana is being utilized to do good for local communities.

As more states legalize the use and sale of marijuana, people will begin to see their dollars being put to good use in their communities. For more information on medical marijuana in Portland, contact Shango today by calling (503) 788-7005. Let us help you find the perfect cannabis experience for your needs.