On November 4th, the state of Oregon passed Measure 91 with a vote of 57% to 43%. This measure officially makes the state of Oregon the fourth state in the country to end the prohibition of cannabis for people over the age of 21. But while this measure passed, it doesn’t mean that marijuana will be immediately available for all people to purchase. Here is what the legalization of cannabis in Oregon will mean to residents and what they can expect in the near future.

Not a free for all

marijuana legal in oregon

Measure 91 legalizes the possession of a number of marijuana products, but don’t run into the street and celebrate by lighting up just yet. Publically consuming cannabis is not allowed under this new measure and can result in a fine of upwards of $650. Additionally, Measure 91 does not take effect until July 1, 2015. This means that the decriminalization laws still apply, unless you have a medical marijuana card.

What to expect in near future

When Measure 91 goes into effect, adults over the age of 21 will be legally allowed to possess a range of cannabis products. Oregon residents will soon be able to possess 8 ounces of flower, with one ounce being able to be carried in public. Oregonians will also be allowed to own 16 ounces of infused edible products, 72 ounces of liquid cannabis items and an ounce of marijuana concentrates.

The cultivation of marijuana will also be allowed for adults, but restrictions to how many plants being grown per household have been set. As long as plants are not visible from a public area, all households in Oregon will legally be allowed to grow four mature marijuana plants. However, cultivation limits apply to the household where they are being grown. This means that if three adults are living in one house, they will still only be able to grow four plants.

The rules regarding the legalization of cannabis in Oregon are changing rapidly, which is why it is important to stay on top of the current laws on a regular basis. For more information on the top cannabis products in all of Oregon, contact Shango today for all of your needs. With two convenient locations to best serve customers, stop by one of our stores at 8056 SE Harold Street or 6033 NE Win Sivers Drive (located by the airport) or give us a call at (503) 788-7005 for more information on the top medical marijuana strains in Portland.