With new strains of medical marijuana being grown every day, there’s always something new in the world of cannabis. One of the most recent trends in medicinal cannabis is the emergence of landrace strains in dispensaries across Oregon. These indigenous strains differ in a number of ways from the commonly found sativa or indica plants and have gained a significant following among medical marijuana patients. But what exactly are landrace strains and what makes them unique from the common sativa or indica subspecies of marijuana?

landrace marijuana flower

History of landrace plants

With documents of usage dating as far back as 2900 B.C., cannabis has a long history of being used for human consumption. The earliest marijuana strains are typically thought to be from the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan and Pakistan, which eventually spread to South America, Africa, Asia, Jamaica and Russia. If a subspecies of cannabis hails from one of these regions and is considered to be an indigenous strain, it can be labeled as a landrace plant.

Often named for the region they originate from, landrace strains of medicinal marijuana have adapted to the local region that they hail from. For example, if a strain of cannabis is from Afghanistan, it typically contains the “Afghani” label somewhere in the name of the strain.

Current state of medicinal marijuana

Even though these indigenous strains are still being grown to preserve the legacy of these ancient and historic plants, most medical marijuana stores in Portland only carry a few landrace strains. While landrace strains certainly have their fans, the market for medicinal marijuana has grown to provide patients with a nearly endless variety of hybrid and indoor grown cannabis strains. This makes it difficult to find a large selection of pure landrace strains of medicinal cannabis.

Fortunately, Shango is proud to offer three landrace strains for medical marijuana patients in Portland. Stop by one of our two locations to try our landrace strains, including:

  • 1989 Afghani / Private Reserve (From Afghanistan)
  • Laos Luang Prabang / Private Reserve (From Luang Prabang in North Laos)
  • Malawi / Private Reserve (From the Salima region of Malawi in Southeast Africa)

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