PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN 6) — If Measure 91 passes, it won’t just be people with prescriptions buying marijuana at dispensaries.

The dispensaries, which have been sprouting up in Oregon and Washington in the last year, will be able to sell to anyone of legal age. But will they be able to handle the demand?

Shango Co-Founder Shane McKee, who opened a second store Thursday, said a yes on 91 would undoubtedly open up new clientele for his business.

“Obviously it would affect us greatly,” said McKee, whose company offers “premium reserve” selections of marijuana.

He said healthy competition in the recreational pot industry, as opposed to the black market, where most recreational pot is currently bought in Oregon, would help the economy.

It may also bring people into the market who abstained because of legality issues.

McKee emphasized Shango would be ready for the potential massive influx of customers, and the demands placed Shango’s reserves.

“Our model was designed assuming that that would come sooner or later,” said McKee.

But according to the latest poll, the vote is too close to call. 

Shango offers “superb products, superior customer service and shopping convenience, value and satisfaction that exceed your expectations. The company’s website, complete with clean, glossy graphics, promises “to deliver the highest quality cannabis experience.”

McKee said his plan includes increasing the amount of marijuana grown and sold at his business, and pressing lawmakers for more awareness and regulation.

H said more regulation is necessary for the industry in Oregon, from the growing phase through to usage.

“It’s critical that people respect the laws respect using it when they’re operating machinery, any kind of vehicle, locking it up and keeping it away from children,” said McKee.