While flower is still the most commonly used form of medical cannabis, a new type of medicinal marijuana is emerging by the day. Concentrates are taking over the marketplace and have become a discrete and convenient way to consume medical cannabis. With a higher potency of THC, concentrates have helped thousands of medicinal marijuana patients find relief from their medical complications. But what exactly are concentrates and how are they consumed? Here is all you need to know about concentrated medicinal marijuana.

marijuana concentrates

How Concentrates are Made

Concentrated medicinal marijuana typically contains a higher percentage of THC compared to traditional flower. This is achieved by using a solvent to extract the THC from the flower, which is then purged along with the plant matter to form concentrates. The most common solvent used is CO2, which when consumed is harmless. Proponents of concentrates praise their long lasting effects, with two forms of concentrated cannabis being the most popular.

Concentrated Wax

Whipping hash oil while purging the cannabis resin makes wax, which gets its name from its earwax-like appearance and consistency. This flakey product has grown in popularity and is commonly seen in many dispensaries around Portland. Concentrated wax usually contains at least 80% THC, which is significantly higher than the 20-30% found in flower.

Medicinal Shatter

Shatter is made by using a pressure vacuum to fully remove the plant matter and solvents. Named for its tendency to shatter when a piece is broken off, most shatters are a yellowish color and are extremely potent. With a potency of 90% THC, shatter is the most effective way for medicinal marijuana patients to consume THC.

What is Dabbing?

Most medicinal marijuana patients are familiar with the flame and flower combination to consume their products. But with concentrates, the two terms to know are dabbing and vaping. Wax and shatter concentrates are most commonly consumed by dabbing, which involves placing a dab of concentrates on a heated surface. This in turn vaporizes the concentrate and is able to be inhaled.

Whether you prefer using a glass pipe and lighter to consume flower or you prefer dabbing concentrates, medicinal cannabis is a growing industry and helps thousands of people cope with a large array of medical issues. For more information on medical marijuana dispensaries in Portland, contact Shango today at (503) 788-7005 or stop by one of our two locations at 8056 SE Harold Street or 6033 NE Win Sivers Drive (located by the airport).

Photo by Cannabis Culture