All medications, supplements, vitamins and medicinal herbs need to be safely stored in child-safe containers in order to protect against accidental ingestion by children or pets.

Tips for Safe Storage of Medical Marijuana

As the use of medical marijuana in Portland continues to increase, so have reports of accidental ingestion of the herbs by pets and children. Medical marijuana has powerful effects against many diseases, but it can cause unwanted effects if it is ingested by someone who should not consume it. These storage tips will help keep your medical marijuana safe and out of the hands of those who should not be using it.

Keep It Locked

The best way to keep your prescription of medical marijuana out of the hands or paws of babies, kids and pets is to keep it locked up in a storage cabinet that cannot be easily reached. This is also a good idea for the storage of other medications as well as alcohol and tobacco products. Keeping the medical marijuana under lock and key helps to make sure no one else in the house is able to gain access to it. Locking up the medication also helps to ensure your privacy as visitors will not notice it.

Use Original Packaging

When possible, have the supplier who fulfills your medical marijuana prescription use childproof packaging. Keep the herbs in their original packaging. This helps to make sure that the medical marijuana is not mistaken for other dried herbs like sage that look similar to it. For additional safety, use child-safe caps on the containers holding the medical marijuana.

Storage Locations

Dried herbs like medical marijuana work most effectively when they are kept in a dry, dark and cool location. The locked cabinet where the medical marijuana is stored should be kept in a climate-controlled room such as a bedroom or a pantry. The herbs should not be stored in a high-humidity location such as a bathroom or kitchen. The herbs should not be frozen or refrigerated.