Both CBD and cannabis have been included in a great deal of research in recent years for their properties in relation to pain relief. Many studies have shown that cannabis, whether it comes in smoking, vaping or edible form, is successful at performing targeted relief for reducing the pain associated with many conditions. The use of marijuana for period cramps is becoming more popular as the research is increasing, and many finds both cannabis and CBD to be extremely effective in combating period pain and cramping during the menstrual cycle. 

Do edibles help with period cramps?

Cannabis has proven to be a key ingredient in the makeup of the best edibles for pain relief for many chronic conditions. Edibles come in a range of tasty options including chocolates, drinks, and fruit-flavored gummies which are ideal for those who are suffering from menstrual pain to alleviate the symptoms. When choosing the best edibles for pain relief, the first decision you will need to make is whether you prefer THC edibles or CBD edibles. Due to the psychoactive compound make-up of THC, some prefer an edible which has had this property removed, leaving only the CBD compound. Research conducted on marijuana and the positive effects for pain relief has been done on regular cannabis strains which contain both THC and CBD compounds as well as on the benefits of CBD alone in combating pain and both have proven to be successful in their own ways.  

Marijuana and menstrual cramps

The positive effects of medical marijuana as an anti-inflammatory have been well documented in relation to a range of physical conditions. In synthesized pharmaceuticals, anti-inflammatory drugs are regularly used as relief for symptoms of cramping and period pain and the use of cannabis can offer these same symptom relieving measures in a more natural way. The wide range of Shango products available through our online store and network of dispensaries provides a plethora of choice for women who are looking for a natural remedy to their period pain and though the use of marijuana for period cramps is not yet widely advertised, studies have shown that it can offer fast-acting pain relief for problems experienced during the menstruation cycle.  

Handling the emotional symptoms of PMS with cannabis

Studies have been conducted into the positive effects of CBD with regards to both anxiety and depression, both of which showcase similar symptoms to those experienced by women with PMS. For those who prefer smoking or vaping, the Sativa strain of cannabis has been shown to have positive effects on emotional triggers relating to depression and anxiety disorders which are similar to those experienced by women who suffer from PMS, making it the preferred strain of marijuana for menstrual cycle issues. 

The research conducted on the use of marijuana to combat PMS is limited at this time, but we are glad to see that more and more studies are being conducted every year to help, not only to ascertain the full health benefits of cannabis in relation to the female body and reproductive system, but the entirety of its potential in helping women to handle the emotional and hormonal symptoms which are experienced as part of PMS every month.  

Defeating PMS by using marijuana for menstrual cycle phases

PMS commonly occurs in women 1-2 weeks prior to their period beginning. The effects of PMS can range from mild to severe in different women and in some cases, can escalate to PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder). The use of cannabis products for PMS is uniquely relevant as the symptoms of PMS include a cross-over of physical, emotional, and hormonal factors. CBD oils are one of the most popular treatments for PMS as they are well-known for their anti-inflammatory properties, which can help with cramping and tenderness, as well as offering relief from stress and anxiety. The proven physical and emotional benefits of CBD products make them a suitable alternative for women suffering from the symptoms of PMS.

Using marijuana for period cramps and PMS

For those who have often wondered “do edibles help with period cramps and PMS?” The short and simple answer is yes. Shango dispensaries offer a wide range of cannabis products that have proven to be helpful to women in combating the symptoms of both PMS and menstrual cramping. Shango products can be ordered online in the states of Nevada, Oregon, Michigan, California, Missouri, and Arizona with varying conditions which are state dependent. Contact us for more information on online ordering or for professional advice on the best Shango products for you. Let us be your guides in navigating marijuana and menstrual cramps to help you get back to pain-free everyday living.