Learn about the questions to ask the owner of a cannabis shop before filling your medical marijuana prescription. The owner’s answers to your questions can help you to learn about this type of prescription drug as well as their business practices.

Three Questions to Ask Your Retailer of Medical Marijuana

Once you have received your medical marijuana card and physician’s diagnosis of a qualifying condition, your next step toward legal use of medical marijuana is to find a cannabis retailer in Portland. Because you have many choices when it comes to medical marijuana retailers, you may want to ask the business’ owner or manager some questions before filling your cannabis prescription. These questions can help you to learn more about the retailer’s services, products and uses.

What Products Do You Offer

One of the questions that you may want to have answered is about what products any particular cannabis retailer has to offer. This may be helpful to you based upon your medical condition, as certain varieties of medical marijuana may be more effective at relieving nausea, while others perform better with neuromuscular disorders or the treatment of chronic pain. You may also want to ask about the best ways to use the variety that you have selected.

Storage and Care of Cannabis and Accessories

Careful storage of your cannabis is essential in order to maintain its quality and functionality. The retailer may be able to assist you with tips on how to store the medical marijuana. This is especially important if there are children or pets living in your home. The store’s staff can also tell you how to care for and clean the accessories that you use with the medical marijuana.

Compliance with Legal Standards

Another question that you may want to ask the proprietor of a medical marijuana store is how they ensure that they comply with Portland and Oregon requirements for dispensing of the cannabis. For example, you may want to know if someone else can pick up your prescription for you.