Many people don’t realize that cannabis use has been going on for centuries, and many of history’s most prolific figures used cannabis for medical and recreational purposes.

Historical Figures Who Used Cannabis

If you use medical marijuana, you may have heard some snide remarks from friends and families as you made your way to your favorite cannabis retailer in Portland about your cannabis usage. Next time you hear a joke or insult, remind your detractors that some of the greatest minds in history have also enjoyed the benefits of marijuana.

William Shakespeare

The Bard himself is strongly suspected to have smoked cannabis. South African scientists ran an analysis of several pipes from Shakespeare’s home and found definite traces of cannabis within. It’s possible that when penning such masterpieces as “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “The Tempest,” Shakespeare was enjoying a smoke of his favorite blend.

George Washington

Washington was a prolific tobacco grower, but he also cultivated various forms of hemp and kept a diary detailing his experiments with growing cannabis for its medical properties. His diary entries indicate he was trying to create higher THC concentrations in his crop.

Queen Victoria

Serving her country from 1837 to 1901, Queen Victoria was the longest running British Monarch of all time. She used marijuana to ease cramping, and it is rumored that her personal doctor prescribed cannabis use for various ailments throughout her life.

A quick search will reveal that dozens, if not hundreds, of the greatest artists, politicians, and historical icons made use of cannabis at some point in their life, so next time you’re derided for your use of medical marijuana, point out that you are in very good company.